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You want to keep your trees protected from any disease, but you aren’t an arboreal expert. Instead of going it alone, turn to Green Drop. In Winnipeg, you can take advantage of our brand-new Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, exclusive to Green Drop Trees customers.

When you need help combatting plant and tree disease, you can count on us for:

  • The latest technology.
  • Staff who are experts in plant pathology.
  • In-depth understanding of best practices and international protocols.
  • Standardized testing to ensure reliable analysis.

If you’ve noticed your trees are struggling, it’s time to get some answers. The Diagnostic Lab from Green Drop Winnipeg is here to be your one-stop for diagnosis. From there, our arborists will help you develop a treatment plan.

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Green Drop Diagnoses Disease Early, Saving Your Trees

Keeping your greenery healthy and thriving is essential to a beautiful outdoor space. That’s why we’ve established a cutting-edge laboratory dedicated to diagnosing and combating plant diseases. You’ll find the latest technology and experienced professionals with an in-depth understanding of plant pathology.

This combines with the care and expertise of the Green Drop arborists you’ve come to know and trust in our 4 decades of business. Our lab gives us more tools to diagnose any issues with your trees, and our team can then come in and treat many of the diseases your trees and plants face.

How It Works

Our dedication and decades of experience have given us a leg up as we create processes for any of our services, and the Diagnostics Laboratory is no different. We’ve put our heads together so each step is proven and scientifically backed to get you the best results.

The steps we take are as follows:

1. Sample Collection – Gather samples of the affected plant material per our guidelines.

2. Submission – Deliver or send the samples to our laboratory.

3. Expert Analysis – Our pathologist and team meticulously analyze the samples using proven methods.

4. Accurate Results – You receive comprehensive reports detailing the diagnosis and recommended action steps.

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Why Choose Our Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory?

Finding a company that will care for your trees the same way you do can be difficult. We’ve gathered a group of passionate experts who keep your interests and your plants’ health centered in the conversation. All of our resources have been carefully chosen and curated to give your trees the best chance for success.

Expert Pathologist

Our dedicated pathologist boasts an impressive track record in plant disease laboratory diagnostics. Their wealth of knowledge leads our team to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Internationally Recognized Protocols

We adhere to globally acknowledged protocols for plant disease laboratory testing. This ensures that our testing methods are standardized and trustworthy, providing the best possible analysis.

Comprehensive Testing Services

Our pathologist and team have a range of tests that cover a wide variety of diseases. This allows us to cater to your yard's specific needs. The lab is well-equipped to deal with any significant diseases likely to impact your plants and doesn’t skimp on other testing if it’s a less common problem.

Which Tests Do We Have?

With plant care technology advancing regularly, we’ve made it our mission to offer tests for the diseases most likely to impact your plants. Our pathologist can examine your trees for the following:

  • Dutch Elm Disease – Caused by Ophiostoma novo-ulmi and O. ulmi fungi, this disease is carried by elm bark beetles and impacts a tree’s vascular system. The first sign is usually a small patch of yellowing or wilting leaves, and early detection is needed to avoid tree death. We follow an agar plate test to identify this notorious tree disease.
  • Elm Vascular Disease – DED is an elm vascular disease, but other diseases like Phoma, Verticillium, Dothiorella, and more can affect your elms. An agar plate test is done to pinpoint these diseases before they can cause extreme damage.
  • Anthracnose – This widespread fungal disease affects a large number of shade trees like Ashes or Oaks. Dark spots or lesions on leaves are a big sign of these related diseases. Our team utilizes an anthracnose test to detect and address the issue with a combination of treatments.
  • Black Knot – A common plum and cherry tree ailment, this fungal infection sees hard black growths appear on branches and sometimes trunks. Identifying this disease during the fall and winter is much easier because leaves can’t impede vision. A tree won’t face trunk rot from this disease but is left open to other, more deadly fungus or pests. A black knot test assesses how much the disease has impacted your plum or cherry trees.
  • Fungus Canker – Many types of cankers affect trees. These growths impact many tree species, such as the oak, spruce, or pine. Testing early for any signs is important because fungal infections can weaken your trees over time.

If we can’t pinpoint a disease, we will create a custom test panel that suits your needs and offers answers specific to your trees.

*Service availability may vary by location

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Why Is Plant Health Testing So Important?

By testing your plants at the first sign of distress or disease, you can save yourself the time and stress of trying to diagnose on your own, you won’t risk aesthetics, and you protect the investment you’ve made in your trees.

Replacing Damaged or Dead Trees is Expensive

You’ve likely spent money planting or maintaining plants and trees on your property. This means that when there’s a significant health issue, you must commit even more funds to fixing the issue or removing a tree entirely. Sometimes, that cost is higher than even planting the tree.

Catching any issues early and treating them, then working toward prevention, can save you the thousands of dollars that go into a complete removal or callous treatment.

Aesthetics Aren’t Affected

Being proactive in how you care for your trees and plants is a great way to ensure that your property always looks great. You won’t have to be concerned that anything is out of place or that your neighbours are bothered by the appearance of your lawn.

Instead, everything is vibrant, and your greenery can pop for anyone walking around your neighbourhood and community. Plus, you’re boosting your curb appeal if you’re trying to sell or just want to increase property value overall.

Protect Your Investment

You may get worried if you notice your trees drooping or leaves browning. By taking control of your plants’ health, you can avoid health issues and keep your plants and trees protected no matter what.

You’re effectively stopping any issues in their tracks and providing a layer of defence that allows you to care for your trees to help them live for a long time.

Green Drop Diagnoses & Protects

At Green Drop Trees, we’re not just arborists – we guard your greenery’s well-being. With our Plant Health Diagnosis Laboratory, you never have to worry about figuring out what’s going on by yourself. Our team and pathologists understand best practices, follow international protocols, and focus on accurate results to ensure your lawn looks its best.

Instead of your run-of-the-mill generic services, everything we do is tailored to the needs of your space. From homeowners, landscapers, and property managers, you can count on our insights to effectively protect your trees and plants.

Stop plant disease in its tracks and get back to enjoying your outdoor haven. Reach out to us today to schedule a diagnostic test!

*Service availability may vary by location

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