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Your soil lawn has looked a little lacklustre recently, which means it’s time to consider aeration services. Green Drop has created a state-of-the-art program for aeration that guarantees results for the longevity of your yard.

This essential service adds oxygen to your soil and offers a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Improved Plant Life
  • More Vibrant Grass
  • Increased Overall Lawn Health
  • Boosted Fertilizer Uptake & Use
  • Less Soil Compaction

Taking your lawn to the next level has never been easier than with our scientifically-backed application process. Check out our programs and schedule your first service today!

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Improve Long-Term Lawn Health with Regular Aeration

When you notice soil compaction or thatch in your yard, turning to aeration is a great way to stop your lawn’s health from dropping off. You may not think about aerating your lawn regularly, but this service is essential to a better, more brilliant lawn.

Green Drop has been in the business for decades, so we’ve seen the changes and updates to aeration happen as they come. It also means that we’ve built a process that works every time. Our team will visit your property and complete the aeration process to ensure your lawn is healthy year-round.

What Does Aeration Look Like at Green Drop?

Our proven program is finely honed and uses a scientifically-backed approach that prioritizes your lawn’s health over everything. This will blend into the aesthetics of your yard, improving the aesthetics of your yard quickly and then maintaining the vibrancy for years.

Advanced Technology & Equipment

We’ve dedicated much time to sourcing and creating tools that work more efficiently and better than the average equipment. This includes the aerators we use. Each program is completed with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to combine services into one visit to your home. We ensure that we keep our best foot forward.

Scientifically Proven Techniques

Green Drop believes science is essential to the best lawn care. That’s why all our programs use proven techniques and place scientifically-backed research at the center of the application process. Each of our highly trained team members understands the best way to implement these techniques for your lawn every time.

Comprehensive & Combined Application

To make services simpler and quicker, we’ve created programs that combine services for the most efficient application. Our process for application is also finely-honed to ensure that your lawn is completely covered and that all lawn maintenance services are taken care of in a comprehensive way.

Why is Aeration Important for Your Yard?

Aeration may not be top of mind when considering lawn maintenance, but it is essential for sustained lawn health. This technique involves adding holes to your lawn and offers a variety of benefits that make your lawn healthier with less hands-on effort.

Adds Oxygen to Your Lawn

One guaranteed benefit from aeration is the oxygen added to your soil. The holes in the lawn allow more air to flow into the yard, so your soil can breathe and CO2 isn’t trapped under the surface. If too much Carbon Dioxide is in your soil, you risk the roots of your plants and grass not growing well. Using a professional service for your aeration is a great way to prevent this.

Avoids Soil Compaction

Compacted soil limits the water, oxygen, and nutrients your grass and plants need to survive. So if you’re noticing puddling water, thin or patchy grass, or soil so hard that it can’t be pierced, you may be dealing with compacted soil. Aeration combats this by moving the soil around and making space for the other necessary aspects of lawn care.

Makes It Easier for Plants to Absorb Nutrients & Water

The space created from aeration gives the roots a better chance of absorbing necessary nutrients. More nutrients are available naturally, and you can combine fertilization treatments to increase the soil's nutrients. Most experts will recommend fertilizing after aeration for this reason.

Once you aerate, you should notice a pretty immediate difference in water runoff and puddling in your yard, and that’s because it’s able to get into the ground better. This absorption allows your plants to take in water more efficiently.

Yard Has Better Stress Tolerance

When your yard has better access to things it needs to survive, it can deal with stressors more easily. For example, aeration makes it easier for water to get into the soil, so when a drought happens, your lawn has better tolerance and can go without water for a more extended time.

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How Green Drop Ensures Excellent Aeration

Our team has been trained on our processes and understands the best way to aerate your yard. Each time we visit your home, we complete services thoroughly, so you never have to worry.

Highly Trained GreenKeepers

Our certified experts have years of experience in the lawn care industry, as well as significant time training with our team and certifications. These certified professionals perform every application and service to keep your yard looking fantastic. Our team will revisit your property if there is an issue because service calls are always free.

Finely Honed Process & Application

Our decades in the industry have allowed us the time to curate a process that’s been gotten down to a science. We come to your yard and apply with efficiency and thoroughness to ensure that the treatment works the first time around. Each team member goes through each step of the program regularly, so we’re a well-oiled machine caring for your lawn without sacrificing quality or passion for the job.

Understand Seasonal Application Best Practices

Not all of our services are performed at the same time or every season. For example, we often complete our aeration and overseeding services in the spring & fall, fertilization takes place throughout the entire growing season, and our ClearPath Weed Control is done throughout the summer months.

Since these services all vary from each other, we’ve made it our mission to understand the standards for the industry and the techniques that work best so that there’s never any time or product wasted when we visit your home.

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When Is It Time to Add Aeration to Your Lawn?

Knowing when it’s time to add aeration to your selection of lawn maintenance services can be tricky, but there are some things to watch out for that will warn you that your lawn’s health could be in danger.

Run Off & Puddling in Your Yard

If you notice water sticking around on your lawn after rainfall, it could be because of soil compaction. So when there’s a lot of standing water in your yard, you should consider adding aeration to loosen up your soil and increase water absorption.

Thinning Grass & Thatch Patches

It’s never a good sign when you have noticeably thinning grass in your yard. Thatch is also a bad sign because the combination of living and dead grasses creates a barrier between actively growing grass and the soil. This happens when the grass can’t get strong roots, and the soil is packed down.

Dry & Hard Soil

When you notice that a shovel can’t break the soil in your yard or is packed down when you walk over it, this is a bad sign for your lawn’s soil. At this point, you would want to commit to aeration to create space in your soil and allow moisture to penetrate the ground.

How Much Do Aeration Services Cost?

The cost of aeration will vary depending on the size of your yard and the combination of services you include. But this service alone generally costs between $100 and $300. Since this service doesn’t require any products or chemicals as part of the application, the process is less intensive than other maintenance services. Still, it does require more physical effort, which can ultimately impact the price.

Experienced Experts Ensure Aeration with Lasting Results

When you add aeration services to your regular lawn maintenance, you’re creating a lawn with the best possible chance of success. The service is excellent as you expand into more specific lawn improvements. Better nutrient absorption, water uptake, and oxygen flow will make your plants more vibrant.

If you’re in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Regina, Saskatoon, or Winnipeg, you can get a beautiful, more curated lawn! All you have to do is talk to the experts at Green Drop and schedule your first service today.

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