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When your lawn looks a little brown or limp, it’s time to check out a professional service for help. Green Drop has fertilizer services you can count on. The benefits include:

  • Better Nutrient Absorption
  • Replenishment of Necessary Nutrients
  • Increased Yard Growth
  • Hands-On Service from Trained Green Keepers

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Healthier Lawns for Better Aesthetics

When you need a solution for lawn fertilizer treatments, look to Green Drop. Our formulation is packed with micronutrients, making your lawn feel fresh and soft and look its best in no time.

Our professional teams are certified to apply our custom blend safely and efficiently. Each of our products and applications is always backed by science and will leave your lawn looking better than ever. Now you can show off your lawn whenever you’d like.

What Green Drop Fertilizer Services Entail

At Green Drop, we always focus on using the safest, most effective treatments to give you a beautiful lawn you can enjoy. Since plant nutrient science regularly changes, we’ve considered recent advancements while creating our updated treatments. You’ll find additional nutrients in every program.

Quick & Easy Application

Our GreenKeepers, equipped with expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, visit your home to apply our fertilizer blend skillfully. Each team member is trained in optimal fertilizer application methods. With our quick-drying and eco-friendly products, you can promptly relish your outdoor spaces without any delays.

Guaranteed Formulations

Green Drop has been in the industry for decades. Our processes and packages are carefully curated and focused on scientifically proven lawn care practices. We offer several choices for your package – you simply choose the one with the services you need for year-round protection.

Beautiful Basics

Your GreenKeeper directly applies our new and improved season-long fertilizer treatment to your lawn. The micronutrients and essentials are all included so it stays vibrant and healthy. We’ve also included our weed control service to provide you with a full spectrum of protection.

Beautiful Basics Plus

In addition to our base program's fertilization and weed control service, your lawn receives our SoilBooster™ application for additional nutrient absorption.

Beautiful Premium

Included in our premium program are weed control, fertilization, and SoilBooster™ applications. Additionally, we have incorporated a combination of aeration and overseeding services that infuse your lawn with oxygen and diverse grass varieties- ensuring year-round lushness.

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Why is Fertilizer Important for Your Lawn?

Fertilizer promotes healthy growth, giving your yard the vibrant green colour you want. Regular fertilization reduces the chance of losing grass to disease and dry weather. Our formula is the multi-vitamin your property needs to be lush.

Overall Improved Yard Health

Adding fertilizer to your lawn maintenance services creates a more well-rounded space for your plants and grasses. It can leave your soil with more and healthier micro-organisms and stimulate root growth and seed germination, which will keep your yard continuously healthy.

Beautiful front lawn treated by Green Drop

Better Curb Appeal Year-Round

While you want to care for your outdoor spaces, you also want them to look nice. Maintenance fertilization improves the colour and appearance of your lawn, so you don’t have to think about what your property looks like from the street. No one wants a brown yard covered in thatch – fertilizer enables a better breakdown of this unsightly problem. Plus, you get to enjoy your lawn more.

Professional Application Adds Nutrients Your Yard May Miss Otherwise

With the addition of fertilizer, you can expect an increase in the uptake of trace minerals and other essentials from your lawn. A professional formulation makes it easy for your lawn to get what it needs, even if your soil isn’t ideal or it’s missing something you didn’t even know it needed. These additional nutrients will improve your yard’s ability to resist stress, especially from drought or other extreme conditions.

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How Green Drop Helps Your Lawn

Our company is dedicated to creating and implementing the best and more environmentally friendly programs. This commitment means continuously improving our practices and treatments when updated information is available.

Trained GreenKeepers

The foundation of our business is the team we’ve built. Each of our experts is certified and licensed to work in lawn care, giving your spaces the best chance for success. They have the knowledge and experience to help with any questions or issues. Since every team member trains the same way, all our applications are done consistently and at the same standard each time.

A Focus on Science-Backed Yard Nutrition

We split our understanding of nutrition into three categories for your yard: balanced, protected, and flexible. This is done to give your lawn the best chance for success and ensure the environment isn’t negatively impacted.

Balanced Nutrition

Your lawn will be given an advanced ability to combat the effects of weeds, fungi, and insects. This means more evenly sustained growth, so you avoid peaks and valleys that can come with less customized applications. Essential nutrients like potassium and sulphur are always included for optimal health.

Protected Nutrition

We do not overfertilize, meaning the lawn uses 90-95% of the added nutrients. Setting our programs up this way means that nutrients aren’t lost to the environment. The application system we use lowers the potential for runoff and volatility.

Flexible Nutrition

A liquid system has been implemented to work with our other lawn protection programs. This further means that the entire lawn reaps the benefits of fertilizer treatment.

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brown patches on grass

How to Know Your Lawn Needs Professional Fertilization

Although it can be fairly obvious that your lawn is suffering, sometimes it can be a little more tricky to identify when something’s wrong. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to turn to a professional for help.

Brown Spots & Drooping Grass or Plants

Brown is never a good sign in plants or grasses. If you notice large brown patches, this could be a sign of thatch, poor soil quality, incorrect mowing techniques, or fungus. A fertilizer treatment can strengthen your lawn against these issues, but you can also add other services to the routine. Developing a watering routine and improving soil oxygen will keep brown spots from popping up.

Fertilizer Burn Pops Up

Fertilizer burn is typically associated with yellow patches around your yard. You’ll find them if your yard is given too much fertilizer or doesn’t have it evenly spread. You might notice these patches if you’ve been trying to care for your lawn on your own. That’s why it’s good to turn to a professional service. We know the best ways to smoothly and evenly apply fertilizer and have the top-of-the-line industry tools to do it well.

Abundance of Weeds

When you see many weeds and unwanted plants popping up, it can be a sign that your lawn is weak against this attack. Healthy, nutrient-rich lawns can fight off weeds better. Combine fertilization with weed control services, and it’s smooth sailing from there.

What Does Lawn Fertilization Cost?

The cost of lawn fertilizer services will vary depending on what you need. Factors like lawn size, state of the lawn or soil, and other additional services like aeration will impact the final cost of these services. When you choose a professional, the average price will range between $100-$500.

Our seasonal plans help lower costs and combine other services into one easy application visit, saving you time and money in the long run. You can compare packages in more detail here before choosing the one that suits your lawn’s needs.

Give Your Lawns New Life with Green Drop

If your lawn could do with a bit of TLC or a boost to help it survive the bitter winter or scorching summer months, you can count on Green Drop. Our fertilizer treatments are uniquely formulated to ensure your lawn can thrive in every circumstance.

Take your first steps towards a revitalized lawn and set up your first service with the friendly professionals at Green Drop Lawns. Our lawn fertilizer services are now available for residents in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg.

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