Tree removal should be done by the pros. At Green Drop, we’ve built a team of ISA-certified arborists ready to help when you’ve got a tree that needs to go. From disease to pest infestation, we have the equipment and experience to make the removal process as painless as possible.

Our removal services include:

  • A free yard and tree assessment.
  • A plan personalized to your yard's needs and to prevent landscape damage.
  • Specialized equipment like climbers and aerial trucks make removal more efficient.
  • Our licensed and insured arborists with removal training.
  • Clean up and debris/stump removal.

Tree removal simplified. That’s the way to beautiful trees with Green Drop. Get your free estimate today!

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Over Two Decades of Tree Removal Experience

When the warmer months come around, you want to enjoy your trees and yard freely. But your yard could be at risk if you find unsightly dead branches, heaving roots, or pests. When it's time to consider tree removal services, you need to know what you can expect and that you've chosen a service that has your best interests at its core.

Green Drop has over twenty years in the lawn and tree care space, and our team of certified arborists is here to get your outdoor spaces in top shape. We have a full array of services ready to go, including the tree removal experts you need now.

What is Tree Removal?

Tree removals happen when a tree has become a hazard or a nuisance in your yard. That could mean you have a dead tree or it has become overgrown. If you've chosen to remove a tree from your yard, it's likely because it could cause property damage or puts your lawn at risk of being less healthy.

Professional Arborist Teams Follow Set Procedures

When working with a company to remove trees, you'll find that most follow procedures to ensure your property looks its best. Some of these steps include:

  • Cutting branches and removing them
  • Felling a smaller tree with a single trunk cut.
  • Chopping the trunk into several segments so it can be removed and hauled away.
  • Stump removal or stump grinding.

We know that tree removal isn't a process you go through lightly. Understanding the process and procedures professional services undertake is essential when the time comes. That's why Green Drop is here to make your tree care simpler.

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Top Reasons for Removing Trees

From disease to utility concerns, many issues spur tree removal. Green Drop's arborists know all the top problems and are here to help you understand why you need tree removals.

Dead or Dying Trees

Dead trees are a top concern for many lawn owners. Damage and disease can cause branches to die and potentially take the rest of the tree. Dead branches and cracks in the trunk may indicate that a tree is in poor health. Watching these issues is essential because dead trees pose safety risks to your property and people.

You'll Avoid Utility Issues

Many trees grow close to buildings, power lines, and other structures that could be severely damaged if the tree falls. If that were to happen, you could face extreme costs to fix any damage, like a hole in your roof or a power outage from downed wires. Additionally, you could experience trees and tree roots interfering with the foundations or plumbing of your or your neighbours' homes, and tree removal can mitigate those issues too.

Root Damage or Weak Root Systems

Look for signs of root damage, like pavement cracks, on your property. Root damage can be hazardous because it can cause a tree system to weaken or can cause irreparable damage to your property. Other things to consider with root systems are the species of your trees and their potential to cause issues. This could be something like weak wood or shallow root systems prone to falling.

Add Visual Appeal

Sometimes, you must consider a tree's location in your yard. It is essential to consider where it's located and if it matches your landscaping vision and goals. Removing a tree on the landscaping side may be necessary since it gives your room for new structures and improves other plants' access to sunlight.

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What are the Benefits of Tree Removal from Green Drop?

If it's time to remove a tree from your yard, our team of experts can help. We walk you through each step to get your yard performing at its best. No matter the tree type or size, we will maximize the benefits when it's time for tree removal.

Licensed Experts

At Green Drop, we have a full array of ISA-licensed arborists. Our team includes 14+ ISA-Certified Arborists and an ISA Master Arborist, the most at a single company in Canada. Each team member has the experience, knowledge, and passion to care for your trees in the best way possible.

Maintains the Health of Your Other Trees

If you've reached the point where you need to remove a tree from your yard, it's likely because of the significant risk it poses to your property, self, or lawn. With our specialized team on your side, the rest of your yard will remain healthy and beautiful. We rid your yard of problem trees and keep the rest of your lawn free from pests and diseases.

Save Time and Money Down the Line

For some, tree removal cost is an added expense they don't look forward to. You may count yourself in that number. Removing a tree before causing damage to your property can save you money and time on repairs. You also save time turning to Green Drop versus going it yourself.

Turn to Green Drop for a consultation and tree removal estimate. Then learn more about our RootBoost system to prevent issues before you need tree removal!

Understanding When It's Time to Remove Trees

While you may not be a certified arborist, as someone who cares for your property and lawn, it's worth noting the signs that your yard is doing well and the signs that it's time for tree removal.

Unsure if You Need to Remove Trees? Signs to Look for

Avoid headaches by keeping this list of things to look for in mind. These are just some of the red flags that you could be headed for tree removal and need professional tree services:

  • Sidewalk or cement cracks.
  • Roots in places where they shouldn't be (near your patio or by the outer wall of your home).
  • Tree limbs tangling in power lines.
  • Limbs are overhanging important structures in your yard (like a shed or roof).
  • Dead branches, especially when there's more than one.
  • Large numbers of ants, termites, or other boring insects (this could mean that the trunk has been hollowed out).
  • Fungal growths (not every fungus will indicate an issue, but it's worth watching).

You don't need to be a professional to monitor your trees. Knowing a few things to look for will help you understand when to contact a tree removal service like Green Drop. We've got the tools and experience to thoroughly examine your trees and set you up for success if you need to remove a tree.

How Tree Removal Can Keep Your Lawn at Its Best

Removing a diseased or dying tree is the smartest thing you can do for the general health of your yard. Trees that house pests or diseases can cause many problems with the rest of your yard, so removing the problem at its root maintains your lawn. You can continue with minimal disruptions and healthier plants and trees.

Additionally, if you've chosen to remove a tree because it's become too large, you're opening up your yard to more space and freeing up nutrients for other plants. This also means that your lawn is more open to sunlight for plants (and people) if the tree is overgrown or too large for the space.

Green Drop cares that your lawn looks beautiful and works for you. Before we recommend removal, we'll thoroughly examine your yard and offer insights about your trees and what you can expect. Tree pruning or tree trimming may be a better fit for your needs. However, if your home or other trees and plants are in jeopardy, we'll share the best path forward and guide you through the removal process.

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Never Go It Alone: Choose Professional Tree Removal Services

Using a tree removal company offers you support and expertise you cannot access if you try to handle a removal yourself. With professional equipment and training, certified arborists are the best choice for safe removal. Finding a company can be a long process, but with Green Drop, we won’t let you go it alone.

Minimize Damage to Surrounding Areas

Removing trees can cause trauma to the ground and plants in your yard. Instead of cutting trees yourself, relying on professionals means less damage. We have a variety of equipment, like cranes or bucket trucks, to ensure sections of trees don't destroy your grass or cause injury.

We will also establish safe zones for the work and set up barriers that keep equipment and falling debris from causing too much damage. Beyond that, we will use different methods to catch and slow debris as it falls so the tree-removal process goes as smoothly as possible.

Trained Professionals Understand Best Practices

Whether standard or emergency tree removal, the experts at tree removal companies know the best ways to keep you safe and your yard protected. We'll plan the entire process, ensuring you understand why each decision is made and how it protects your landscape. Since we receive specialized training, we know the best equipment and methods to remove a tree safely.

Removal Can be Difficult on Your Own

Working with a professional ensures your tree removal follows safety protocols and is done to code. You risk severe injury and property damage if you attempt to remove a tree without the proper training or equipment. A certified arborist will also understand the local ordinances that come with tree removals, so you don't have to spend time researching. Instead, you can count on a team to save you time and help you avoid injury.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Tree?

Tree removal costs vary depending on our area, the size of the tree, and the project difficulty. Removing a tree can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,500. Large, complex removals may even cost several thousand dollars. Our team will thoroughly examine your property to give an accurate cost breakdown and estimate.

Professional Tree Removal: Green Drop Arborists Are Ready to Help

When it's time to talk to professionals, Green Drop is the best resource for tree removal information. We'll break down what a tree removal will look like while sharing accurate cost information to make the process as simple as possible.

Our ISA-certified arborists will break down what you need and thoroughly examine your lawn to understand the best way to help you. This way, we learn everything about your yard for long-term tree health. For us, tree care isn't a one-and-done deal. We're committed to your beautiful lawn and beautiful trees.

Reach out today to schedule a consultation for a free estimate. Our team will help with tree removal and then help you maintain your trees year-round.

*Service availability may vary by location

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Tree Removal FAQs

Do you need a permit to remove a tree?

You need a permit to remove a tree in many places, especially if it is on public property or considered a protected species. You should check your local regulations to determine if a permit is necessary. Since these rules vary, checking with your local government or tree care professional is essential.

What is the best time of year for tree and stump removal?

The best time of year for tree and stump removal is typically during the dormant season (late fall to early spring). This timing reduces the risk of spreading diseases and allows easier cleanup due to less foliage.

When should you cut down a tree?

You should consider cutting down a tree if it poses a safety risk, such as structural instability, weakness, or proximity to human structures like homes, sheds, and power lines. The other top reasons to cut down your tree are when it’s dead or dying or causes damage to other trees and property.

Should I remove the trees next to my house?

If the trees near your house pose a risk to the home’s structure or foundation, it’s time to consider removing that tree. Additionally, tree removal may be necessary if tree roots encroach on your home and begin causing damage. Consult an arborist to evaluate the situation and recommend the best course of action.

How much does it cost to remove many trees?

The cost of removing multiple trees depends on the number and size of the trees and the complexity of the removal process. The price could range from several hundred to several thousand dollars or more. The final cost depends entirely on the scope of the project and your removal needs.

Is it safe to cut a tree down by yourself?

We do not recommend cutting down a tree by yourself. It is a safety risk when you need more experience, equipment, and knowledge of proper tree removal techniques. Tree removal can be dangerous and should be performed by a professional tree care service to ensure safety and proper procedure.

Where does Green Drop offer tree removal services?

Our tree removal services have spread their roots to Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg.

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