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Deep Agricultural Roots

At Green Drop, our expertise in agriculture shapes our identity. From the early days at Val Vista Ranch, to the liquid fertilizer revolution of the 1970’s, to today’s advanced A.I. driven precision agriculture, our journey has given us a deep understanding of soil health and nutrient management. In addition to serving Western Canadian farmers, these principles guide our lawn and tree care services. For example, The award-winning Green Drop Fertilizer Program for turfgrass has been continually refined over decades to be perfectly suited to Canada’s tough growing conditions.

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Exceptional Ag Service

Based in Crossfield, Alberta, Green Drop Agriculture is dedicated to serving Canadian farmers and ranchers with custom, personal ag solutions. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including advanced crop nutrients, crop protection products, and expert consulting tailored to the unique conditions of Western Canada. Our goal is the same as yours: maximize crop yield and efficiency. With deep roots in the community and decades of experience, Green Drop Agriculture is your partner in sustainable growth and success on the farm.

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Tailored Fertilizer Solutions

Whether it's in-furrow or foliar fertilization, our experts craft fertilizer blends that align with the unique needs of your crops. Our comprehensive understanding of nutrient application ensures that every plant receives the right balance of macronutrients, including nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, and iron, fostering optimal growth and yield. Other services include bulk liquid shipping, custom high-speed blending, and hauling and delivery. Think of the Green Drop Agriculture team as your one-stop crop nutrient partner.

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