You’ve noticed your lawn looking a little sparse recently. The green isn’t as vibrant, and patches that weren’t there six months ago have popped up. It’s time to give your lawn a helping hand with Green Drop’s proven overseeding system.

In combination with our aeration services, we use overseeding to provide a host of benefits to your lawn, including:

  • Thicken your turf
  • Enhance the overall appearance of your lawn
  • Add variety to the grasses in your yard
  • Improve your lawn’s ability to fight pests and disease

Overseeding will give you a plush lawn that you can enjoy all season long. Sign up today and schedule your first service with Green Drop!

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Green Drop Reseeding Diversifies Grass for a Healthier Yard

Adding services to your lawn care routine can be scary. But the right partner will provide long-term services that lead to a brighter lawn and save you time and money. Green Drop has carefully curated a menu of services that works together to bring your yard into complete harmony.

Our services are often combined so that the treatments that complement each other can be completed together, allowing us to maximize the benefits of each service for your lawn. You’ll find this with our overseeding process, which is done at the same time as our aeration service in the fall.

What Does Green Drop Do When Overseeding?

Overall, overseeding is straightforward, and our approach combines best practices with our unique blend of treatments and equipment. So, you’re getting a high-quality treatment that’s focused on results.

Uses Advanced Equipment

Green Drop uses only top-of-the-line equipment to ensure all our applications are done efficiently and quickly. The tools that are part of our regular lineup are fully vetted and chosen by our certified team, and from there, each staff member receives in-depth training on that piece of equipment. We’re always finding new ways to innovate with the equipment we use, and since the industry constantly changes and evolves, we can stay ahead of the game.

Implement Scientifically Proven Techniques

All Green Drop does is informed by the best and most up-to-date scientific information. We use this info to decide the type of grass seed we use, our fertilizer formulations, and the techniques we employ to achieve results in your yard. This information is vital to our approach to lawn care and ensures safer, more eco-friendly applications every time.

Combine Services for More Comprehensive Care

As mentioned, Green Drop believes that combing your lawn maintenance into fewer visits is the way to go. It streamlines and simplifies the process, lowers the number of visits needed to your property, and allows us to mesh services to increase the benefits you get from those services. In doing so, our care is complete all around without sacrificing quality care.

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Why Is Overseeding Important for Your Yard?

You’ve likely heard of overseeding, or reseeding, before. This process directly adds grass seed to turf or soil without tearing up any existing material.

Green Drop primarily overseeds in the fall before the weather turns cold because we want to give your lawn time to adjust and come back strong in the spring. Whether you undertake the process for better lawn health or because you want a fuller yard, there are many benefits.

Can Withstand Stressors Better

Overseeding helps your lawn become better at withstanding issues. Your yard will have an advantage if your property is facing drought or health problems. Instead, overseeding enables you to add variety and ensures added grass cover, so it’s more difficult for pests and diseases to take hold.

Improves Grass Appearance, Colour, & Thickness

Because overseeding adds additional types of grass to your yard, you can expect that the thickness of your yard will be improved over time. That thickness is a great way to boost the aesthetics of your yard with more vibrant colours and a better look to them. Everything is more seamless, and the overall appearance of your lawn is strengthened for the long term.

Less Soil Erosion

Adding a reseeding service keeps the soil in your lawn from being worn away. This is because grass has a compact root system that holds onto soil and water, so erosion can’t move the earth from where you want it. You can reduce run-off in your lawn and don’t see as much compaction or soil loss overall.

Limits the Need for Harsher Chemicals

Overseeding is helpful because it strengthens the overall health of your lawn to resist issues that require harsher chemicals. The Green Drop team uses top-of-the-line, eco-friendly treatment options, but some substances can still be harsh. A preventative method like overseeding can keep the additional applications to a minimum.

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How Green Drop Ensures Overseeding Is Done Correctly

When choosing a professional company for overseeding, you want one that understands how to complete processes correctly. Our thorough training and advanced equipment allow us to help you without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Tried & True Processes

After decades in the business, we’ve gotten our processes and treatments down to a science. Our team knows the best ways to apply treatments with our equipment, and each application is done with our advanced tools. We’ve made the process simple and easy to understand so you’re never left feeling like you’re in the dark.

Highly Skilled & Trained Professionals

We call our team members GreenKeepers for a reason. These certified experts know the ins and outs of lawn care with years of experience and specialized training for each Green Drop service. Whatever your question or need, we’ve got you covered.

Utilize Seasonality for Optimal Treatment Success

While many lawn care services can be done anytime during the growing season, others require a more precise window for the treatment to work well. Overseeding is one of those services we typically recommend before the first freeze in the fall. Since the ground is warmer and weeds aren’t competing with new grasses to germinate, it’s a great time to ensure the reseeding process is taken care of.

Patchy grass compared to beautiful lawn

When Do You Know It’s Time to Reseed Your Yard?

Usually, you can tell when your lawn needs something. The same is true of overseeding services. But if you aren’t sure what to look for or if the timing’s right, there are several helpful signs to consider.

Thinning or Sparse Grass

When you notice that the grasses in your yard are looking a little bit thin or worn down in spots, it’s time to consider adding overseeding to the rotation of lawn maintenance. This sign usually shows that the root systems of your grass aren’t as robust as they could be and that plant life is stretched too far.

Puddles or Standing Water

Finding puddles in your lawn is rarely a good sign. If you notice standing water in places and have determined that there aren’t other causes involved, it could be that your soil needs additional life to help it absorb water better.

Lawn Lacks Colour

When a yard isn’t as green, it can signify many stressors. Overseeding when this happens can bring back diversity and vibrancy to your grass so the colour looks great once the next growing season rolls around.

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Improve Diversity & Strengthen Your Yard with Overseeding from Green Drop

Lawn maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping your yard vibrant and healthy. Adding overseeding to your regular services ensures an entire yard that can withstand whatever weather or seasons can throw your way.

Green Drop is your partner when you’re ready to take your yard to the next level of lushness. We’ll help you start and keep your lawn looking great with top-of-the-line overseeding services. So, if you’re in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Regina, Saskatoon, or Winnipeg, it’s time to sprinkle some lawn magic and watch your green spaces flourish!

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