Your lawn should be a space you can enjoy and looks great. Unsightly weeds can quickly ruin your aesthetics or kill plants you’ve worked hard to keep healthy. Instead of worrying about weeds smothering your yard, it’s time for Green Drop to help you control your weeds.

Our weed control services include:

  • Proactive control stops weed problems before they can start.
  • Eco-friendly and safe treatments that are good for your yard and your family.
  • Trained experts who care about your lawn and understand the best practices for application.

Sign up for one of Green Drop’s comprehensive packages today and make your lawn beautiful. Our weed control services are up and running for all of you wonderful residents in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg. Let's kick those weeds to the curb!

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Say Hello to a Beautiful Lawn with Simplified Weed Control

A few weeds can ruin a beautiful lawn, but Green Drop’s weed removal and prevention services can give you peace of mind. Using the most effective treatments with the least environmental impact, we’ve made keeping weeds away from your lawn easier than ever.

What Weed Prevention at Green Drop Includes

When you choose Green Drop, you’re working with a team with years of experience and state-of-the-art programs. We utilize best practices to make your yard safe all year with our ClearPath services.

Defence Before Problems Arise

In all our services, we seek to provide proactive care for your lawn. That’s why our treatments are designed to stop issues before they start. We’ll take care of any existing weeds when we begin working with you. Then our applications will keep your other plants from being smothered by persistent weeds.

Efficient Application & Long-Term Control

Our team undergoes in-depth training to ensure all applications are done quickly and well. We can then visit your property and treat before weeds can cause problems without disrupting your day. Plus, we can combine weed control with another service, like fertilizer or SoilBooster, meaning fewer visits to your property while giving you coverage year-round.

Guaranteed Formulations & Programs

Green Drop offers a wide selection of lawn care services. You can mix and match or choose one of our pre-built programs for ease of treatment and payment. Each program is completely curated and scientifically backed, so your yard and family are safe.

Beautiful Basics

You’ll get our new and improved fertilizer treatment and weed control service applied directly to your yard by your GreenKeeper. Guaranteed to keep those weeds in check.

Beautiful Basics Plus

Your lawn will benefit from Beautiful Basics, and the added bonus of SoilBooster™, our custom blend of 70 minerals is like a breath of fresh air for even the most tired soil, breathing new life into every inch of your lawn. Your green space is about to level up!

Beautiful Premium

If you’re looking for a lawn your neighbours will truly envy, Beautiful Premium is the answer. Adding an annual aeration and overseeding service will put your lawn over the top! Helping to ensure your lawn gets all the love it needs to thrive and stay weed free all season.

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Why Weed Control Is Important For Your Lawn

At Green Drop, we know there are many reasons why weeds are unwelcome guests in any yard or outdoor space. Instead of constantly battling weeds, treating the source and adding prevention is the best way to ensure a beautiful lawn.

Weeds Can’t Take Nutrients from Other Plants

If you don’t control weeds, they can quickly smother plants you’ve worked hard to grow and keep beautiful. This is because they steal essential nutrients, like minerals and amino acids, from your plants and can quickly grow out of hand.

Once they take over, your lawn weakens and cannot fight against harmful pests or diseases. This is doubly helpful because this prevention keeps weeds from taking out native plants that add biodiversity and help the local area.

Curb Appeal & Aesthetics Aren’t Affected

Proactive treatment against weeds and other annoyances ensures a beautiful-looking lawn longer. Your yard doesn’t become overgrown with less attractive plants and can’t block the ones you’ve already planted that add natural beauty to the yard.

Keeps You Safe from Harmful Weeds

Some weeds are a danger to your health. Depending on the weed, whoever comes into contact with the weed could experience lung issues, heart failure, or even death. Lung issues typically impact folks with weaker immune responses or conditions like asthma or COPD.

Ingesting weeds can be particularly dangerous, so controlling weeds keeps your family or pets from accidentally consuming something poisonous.

We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) at Green Drop. This is basically common-sense pest control. We will only apply a control product if and where necessary. Our goal is to improve the overall health of your lawn, which makes it difficult for weeds to compete.

Green Drop weed control

What You Can Expect with Green Drop Weed Control

Green Drop uses the most up-to-date techniques and products to defend against weeds to make your lawn looks brilliant. All of our programs are season-long and cover you for the year, giving you ample time to enjoy your outdoor spaces without worry.

Trained Experts

Working with a professional service means having access to expert techniques and people. Each of our GreenKeepers is experienced and keeps up with best practices to ensure yard health. Plus, each of our application programs has been finely honed, and they know how best to apply for maximum efficiency.

Proven Application Programs

With top-of-the-line equipment and application processes, our programs are tried and true. They work well because we work hard on them and ensure that our processes will work every time. Each of our services follows a specific regimen, so we know the best ways to apply things quickly without missing a spot.

Service Guarantee

The goal is to get you results as quickly as possible, so we guarantee an improved yard when we visit your home. If you don’t notice results within ten days after application, our team will return to your property to check everything and reapply. Service calls are always free, so you’re covered no matter what.

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Signs You Need Professional Weed Control

Whether you’re a lifelong DIY-er for weed control or you’re just not sure where to start, there comes a time when turning to the experts for weed control services makes sense. You save time, money, and the headaches of finding good products that work and aren’t harsh on your yard.

You Aren’t Sure What Products You Need

Understanding the chemicals and products that work best on weeds requires time and training. You can find products in many home improvement stores, but these aren’t explicitly formulated to work in your yard and may include something that harms your yard, wildlife, or family. Turning to Green Drop offers peace of mind that each product and treatment has been evaluated and thoroughly tested before it touches your yard.

You Don’t Know Why Weeds Keep Showing Up

If you aren’t a trained professional, you may not understand how conditions like soil health, sunlight access, or mowing practices can affect your lawn. Plus, it’s challenging to identify what may be happening within those conditions to cause some weeds to show up and keep showing up.

Choosing a company that understands weeds and how to stop them before they start is essential to boosting your lawn’s long-term health.

There’s Not Enough Time to Handle It Yourself

You’re likely very busy throughout the week. Keeping up with your family, job, and other commitments can be hectic and challenging. So you shouldn’t have to sacrifice more time researching, learning processes, or trying to access products only available to companies in the industry.

Instead, a professional weed control service covers everything for you. You get to take control of your time while the Green Drop team uses efficient processes and quality products you can count on.

How Much Does Weed Control Cost?

Weed control costs vary depending on the size of your lawn and how intense the services will be. If you have lots of weeds or need more personalized help, the cost could be higher as multiple treatments may be needed to get weeds under control. So prices can vary quite a bit depending on the products and frequency of applications. Combining multiple service types into one visit saves money and time. This is what we do at Green Drop for the maximum efficiency of each application we provide.

Weed-Free Lawns You Can Enjoy With Green Drop

You deserve a lawn that’s vibrant and healthy with beneficial plants. The dedicated GreenKeepers at Green Drop have the knowledge and experience to ensure a safe application and quality equipment. We commit ourselves to comprehensive, hands-on care of your yard because we know how vital outdoor spaces are to fully enjoying your home and the seasons.

It’s time to eliminate weeds from your yard, so sign up today and schedule your first service. We’ll have your lawn weed-free in no time.

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