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Beautiful Basic
$ 292.90 $325.44
Essential lawn needs at a great price.

  • The Green Drop Fertilizer Program Regularly scheduled nutrition for your lawn. Provides healthy growth and colour through the entire season.
  • Unlimited Weed Control Keep your lush green lawn pristine by saying goodbye to pesky broadleaf weeds.
  • Beautiful Results - Guaranteed!
Beautiful Premium
$ 472.43 $524.92
Take your lawn to new heights.

  • The Green Drop Fertilizer Program Regularly scheduled nutrition for your lawn. Provides healthy growth and colour through the entire season.
  • Unlimited Weed Control Keep your lush green lawn pristine by saying goodbye to pesky broadleaf weeds.
  • SoilBooster™ Builds drought resistance with advanced micronutrients derived from humic acid. A Green Drop exclusive.
  • Aeration & Over-Seeding Mechanically removes plugs of soli from the lawn, reducing compaction while improving water & nutrient uptake. Premium grass seed is then applied to fill in thin spots and promote a thick, velvety lawn.
  • Complementary Tree Care Assessment Landscape evaluation from our ISA certified Arborist to help kickstart your journey towards happier, healthier trees.
  • Beautiful Results - Guaranteed!
Beautiful Basic Plus
$ 351.48 $390.53
Help your lawn thrive in tough conditions.

  • The Green Drop Fertilizer Program Regularly scheduled nutrition for your lawn. Provides healthy growth and colour through the entire season.
  • Unlimited Weed Control Keep your lush green lawn pristine by saying goodbye to pesky broadleaf weeds.
  • SoilBooster™ Builds drought resistance with advanced micronutrients derived from humic acid. A Green Drop exclusive.
  • Beautiful Results - Guaranteed!

Lawns have never been easier to care for than with the Green Drop’s Red Deer team. Our scientifically-backed processes and certified GreenKeepers are just the way to start your lawn care journey. We even ease the way with one monthly payment and automatically recurring services for every season.

Check out each of our services and see how we help through any type of care for your lawn:

  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Fertilizer
  • Lawn Estate Management
  • Aeration & Overseeding
  • Snow Removal
  • Holiday Lighting

Lawn care doesn’t have to be complicated anymore. We’ll take maintenance off your hands and beautify your outdoor spaces.

If you’re ready to see the difference Green Drop makes, schedule your first service today!


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backyard lawn in Red Deer done by Green Drop

Lawn Care that Improves Your Lawn with Each Season

When you’re a homeowner, spending time thinking about your lawn management plan probably isn’t uncommon. The Red Deer Green Drop team is here to take that worry off your plate. Instead of stressing, we’ll help you achieve the beautiful lawn of your dreams.

Our GreenKeeper teams are fully licensed to apply any of our treatments and have a ton of experience to ensure that your lawn gets the quality care it needs every time. Whether it’s the growing season or winter, we’ve got the care to see your property through anything. Long-term care is our brand, and we aim to bring you the best every time.

Lawn Maintenance Services Year-Round

If you’ve been searching for the perfect lawn care company, you’ve probably found that many focus on a couple of services rather than a full slate. Green Drop has curated a full-service solution to help your lawn look its best.

We’ve simplified setting up a service call – you sign up online and then set up for monthly automatic payments. You get your time back and have the necessary flexibility without sacrificing quality.

What To Expect

Season Long

Icon Fertilizer


Our fertilization program introduces vital elements to your lawn to increase growth, health, and productivity.

Icon Weeds

Weed Control

Season-long applications applied by your GreenKeeper, to control broad-leaf weeds and reduce your lawn’s competition for nutrients.


Icon Aeration


Breaks up soil compaction to help move air, water, and nutrients, right down to the grass roots, where it is needed most.

Icon Licensed Insured

Over Seeding

Add new disease and drought resistant cultivars of seed to help create that lush lawn of your dreams.




This nutrient-rich elixir with over 70 essential minerals that will revitalize your lawn, improving drought resistance and empowering it to confront summer challenges with vigour.

Yard Fertilization & SoilBooster

When you fertilize your yard regularly, you give it more opportunities to thrive. This is one of the best things you can do for your plants because you ensure proper lawn nutrients. Phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen are essential to the longevity of your plants. When you add fertilizer, you’re guaranteeing the health of your lawn, not assuming that everything is good to go.

Proactive care is the best thing you can do in Red Deer. Since the soil tends to be more clay to black loam, additives are a great way to improve soil quality and aeration. With our SoilBooster service, you’ll be even better set up for a quality lawn. Part of our patented blend of minerals includes humic acid, a micronutrient, so it can further absorb nutrients, giving your plants a leg up all year.

Weed Control

Weeds aren't fun for anyone. They’re incredibly annoying in the summer when they grow quickly and can easily smother the other plants on your lawn. You will likely find Bighead Knapweed, Tamarisk, and Canada Thistle in Red Deer. These noxious weeds can cause problems and can be challenging to eliminate. An action plan for the weeds in your lawn is the best way to prevent these nuisances from taking hold in your yard.

A weed control service makes it easier to care for your lawn long-term. This defends plants from pesky weeds and keeps them from making your lawn their home. Green Drop focuses on prevention because it’s the best way to keep your yard beautiful.

Our GreenKeepers have best practices on lock, so they understand how to treat and prevent weeds from bothering your plants. Our environmentally friendly products help your lawn look its best while helpful insects, your pets, and your family stay safe.


Soil aeration is a great way to ensure that plants and grass absorb nutrients well. This process adds holes to your lawn that increase oxygen flow and help you avoid soil compaction. The method also aids in creating a fuller, healthier yard.

Our state-of-the-art equipment helps us complete all aeration services with our well-honed processes. You reap even more benefits and save more time. You’ll even find that our equipment is created to work together with our overseeding program. Combining these services ensures that your lawn is as lush as possible.

Comprehensive care is our focus, which extends to aeration as well. You can count on us for these services to save money and time – no need to purchase specialized tools you rarely use. Relying on us for these services ensures you don’t need to spend tons of money on special tools you use once or twice a year. Expect a perfectly formulated program that yields maximum results.


Overseeding is a regular lawn maintenance service. This practice is sometimes called reseeding and adds variety to the grass in your yard. Adding to the grasses in your yard increases lawn density and improves disease and pest resistance.

After decades in lawn care, we’ve developed a program that works. With a combination of overseeding and aeration, we increase your lawn’s growth and ability to bounce back if something happens. Our state-of-the-art and unique equipment allows us to help homeowners with any size lawn. We can even help commercial properties, so turn to us when it’s time to blast your yard to the next level.

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Lawn Maintenance & Estate Management

Large properties can be harder to maintain because of the upkeep and effort required to ensure the lawn is healthy. If you lack the time needed to keep your yard in tip-top shape, let Green Drop help. We’ll use our wealth of experience and skills to maintain your lawn and make it more beautiful. We finely tuned each program, so you receive guaranteed results every time.

Choosing a professional company for estate management means you can roll all of your services into one easy-to-schedule program. Keep weeds controlled, aerate your soil, and add plant nutrients with our specialized fertilizer blend.

Living Large

Live on an acreage or have a yard over 4000 sq ft?

driveway after snow removal by Green Drop

Snow Removal

Green Drop is the go-to place for all your growing season lawn maintenance needs, but we’ve also curated a snow removal service that you can count on. Instead of worrying about digging yourself out after every storm, our flat-rate, monthly service offers unlimited visits for the season. We’ve also included a 24-hour guarantee, ensuring you dug out within a day.

We’ll visit your property whenever it snows and efficiently remove the snow. You save time and effort while avoiding the high cost of purchasing special snow removal tools. Red Deer winters can be pretty long, but this service can offer relief from dealing with snow alone.

Let it snow

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Available in all Green Drop locations except Winnipeg

Holiday Lighting

When it’s holiday light season, you can turn to Green Drop to help you. Red Deer has some great options for exploring the best lights, like the Light the Night at Discovery Wildlife Park or the City Hall Lights display in City Hall Park. It can add a bit of sparkle to your holiday to experience the displays, though you might not feel the same about setting up lights at your own home. Whether you’re short on time or don’t think you’ve got the creative chops to design a display, we can help.

Custom designs, themes, and colours are our top focuses. The WCCB-insured team will come to your home and help with a professional installation. They’ll even return to help you with take down and storage for the next year at the end of the season.

Look to our experts to provide straightforward, detailed suggestions or a complete design if you don’t have a direction in mind. This service helps you return to the millions of other things you must take care of during the holiday season. We’ve created a process that prioritizes a team that’s easy to work with and will help you maintain your lights for the entire season.

Ready to take holiday lights off your plate? Green Drop has a package that matches your needs. Find the one that’s right for you now!

‘tis the season

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Care for Your Lawn with Green Drop in Red Deer

When you’re looking to make your lawn beautiful, you can turn to our in-depth lawn programs. We’ve been in the business for decades now, so we’ve been able to curate in-depth and personalized care. Whether you’re just starting your journey or want to take the next step in care, Green Drop has the option for a better-looking lawn.

Trained GreenKeepers

We call our certified experts GreenKeepers for a reason. They undergo extensive training and come to us with a wealth of experience in the field, making them the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. With an understanding of best practices and awareness of new techniques, we can efficiently treat your yard with our proven applications. Science-backed products make it easier than ever for us to get you great results.

Scientifically-Backed Care Programs

Our years of experience have given us a knowledge base about lawns, plants, and types of treatments that are unmatched. We choose all our products and curate our programs based on the most updated scientific information. Combining science and extensive programs allows us to better understand your lawn and any issues before applying treatments.

We also focus on environmentally safe treatments to help protect your family, pets, and lawn as we make your lawn stronger and more beautiful in the long term. We can efficiently care for your yard without compromising quality or scientific proof.

Specialized Equipment

Instead of researching the best equipment or spending the time to find and purchase expensive tools you won’t use all the time, choose Green Drop for the specialized equipment and proper training to use those tools well. Our top-of-the-line technology provides you with the best, most efficient care. Instead, you can use one of our programs as a flat-rate way to get clarity on the pricing of services and save money on the up-front cost of a tool.

Safe & Effective Treatments

All of Green Drop’s treatments are non-toxic and eco-friendly, guaranteeing a great-looking yard without causing any issues. This ensures that your family stays safe. Since our programs are quick and easy treatments, you can even get back to enjoying your lawn quickly. Plus, since our treatments aren’t harmful, your lawn’s pollinators and other creatures stay safe.

Free Service Calls

You can turn to our team for free service calls if you ever have an issue or question. We’re also ready to return to your lawn if you don’t see results immediately. This is part of our 100% guarantee. So call us if you ever encounter a problem, and we’ll come out as soon as possible.

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front lawn after treatment by Green Drop in Red Deer

What to Expect from Green Drop’s Services

By now, we’ve ensured we can make lawn care easier for our clients. With auto-scheduling and flat monthly payments, we’ve simplified lawn maintenance more than ever. With an entire team of professionals, we’re taking the stress out of finding a lawn care company.

Years of Expertise

We’ve been in business for 40 years, giving us plenty of time to learn best practices and adapt the best information and tips for caring for your lawn. Our diverse team has a variety of skill sets, letting us share advice and provide clear instructions.

Clear Processes

We’ve finely honed our processes through years in the industry and regular updates. Our team understands each treatment type and will lay out each of our programs so you understand it every step of the way. Once it’s time for treatment, we’ll make it quick and painless so you get back to your yard worry-free. If you still have questions, we’re available to answer them.

Season-Long Treatment

You need care curated for the entire season to keep your yard looking its best all season long. This time is essential for your lawn, so it shouldn’t be skipped. That’s why our programs include auto-renewal for full-season care. These treatments can start in the spring and run through the fall, setting you up for success through the winter.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee the results of our treatment programs. So if you don’t notice an immediate improvement, you can let us know. We’ll return to your property and can reassess or reapply as needed.

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Find Lawn Care in Red Deer Neighbourhoods

Green Drop is ready to help Red Deer’s neighbourhoods. Look for us in your area:

  • Bentley
  • Birchcliff
  • Blackfalds
  • Bowden
  • Eckville
  • Gull Lake
  • Innisfail
  • Lacombe
  • Morningside
  • Olds
  • Penhold
  • Ponoka
  • Rocky Mountain House
  • Springbrook
  • Stettler
  • Sunbeack Cover
  • Sylvan Lake
  • Norglenwold
  • Rimbey
  • Clive
  • Pine Lake

Green Drop Treatment Programs for a More Beautiful Lawn

Green Drop is here for you whether your lawn needs a serious hand or you want to upgrade your lawn care routine. We can keep your lawn looking better than ever with a science-backed approach and efficient treatments.

Check out the Green Drop service list and schedule your next maintenance today!

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