Vibrant and healthy trees are an essential part of any community. But it can be a headache to find the proper care to keep those trees in top shape. As professionals, we understand what it takes to curate and maintain a healthy urban forest.

The Green Drop team is here to make the process easier, more efficient, and environmentally conscious. Our municipal tree care services include the following:

  • Pest & Disease Management
  • Dutch Elm Disease Management
  • Contract Preparation & Supervision
  • Tree Inventory Management & Forest Surveys
  • Urban Forestry Planning

When you’re ready for all-inclusive arboricultural management, turn to the experts at Green Drop. We help you protect your community and watch your trees thrive.

Get in touch with the team today and learn more about how we can become your partner in the longevity of your urban forest.

*Service availability may vary by location

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Municipal Tree Care Simplified with Green Drop

Comprehensive, all-inclusive care for your community’s trees is a non-negotiable part of providing for your urban forest. It keeps them looking their best and takes the pressure off.

Instead of worrying about understanding legislation or what services you need, a professional team from Green Drop will provide you with complete coverage, no matter whether you need help with contracts or urban forestry planning.

How Green Drop Makes Municipal Services Better

While caring for your urban forest is non-negotiable, the partner you choose will impact the effectiveness of your care and the overall health of your greenery. We’ve developed a solution that supports you at every stage.

All-Inclusive Arboricultural Management

Our extensive range of services covers every aspect of municipal tree care. From meticulous tree inventory and disease monitoring to strategic tree placement planning, Green Drop offers a holistic approach that ensures your urban forest stays beautiful.

Expert ISA-Certified Team

Our team of professionals boasts ISA certification, including an ISA Master Arborist. This means you’ll benefit from the expertise of individuals passionate about trees and well-versed in the most advanced tree care techniques.

Budget-Friendly Excellence

We understand the importance of balancing community needs with budget constraints. At Green Drop, you’ll receive top-tier tree care services that enhance your community’s landscape without exceeding your financial limits.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We stay ahead of the curve by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This empowers us to plan projects meticulously, monitor tree health, and ensure the long-term vitality of your urban forest.

Environmental Commitment

Environmental consciousness is at the heart of what we do. We believe that trees are a crucial component of a healthy ecosystem. Our services prevent disease proliferation, maintain nutrient balance, and preserve the beauty of your surroundings.

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What Municipal Services Does Green Drop Offer?

Green Drop has carefully curated a full array of municipal services for local areas. We work closely with governments and communities to care for city trees and prepare them for every season.

Pest & Disease Control

Insect pests, invasive plant species, and tree diseases running rampant are a thing of the past with services from Green Drop. We combine Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into everything we do, allowing us to work with cultural growing practices, monitoring, lifecycle analysis, and chemical applications to provide the most effective treatment. This keeps city-owned trees healthy without harming the environment.

Dutch Elm Disease Management

This fungal disease is one of the most common tree diseases and can be devastating if left untreated. Elm bark beetles will carry the fungi and can spread it quickly if you don’t have a plan to monitor your elms.

We employ a variety of techniques for DED Management, including:

Contract Preparation & Supervision

At Green Drop, we’ve built a team of consulting arborists with years of experience in tree services. This allows us to create long-term partnerships with clients and contractors, which never undercuts the importance of contracts. Whether you’re looking for maintenance, planting, or protection, we work hard to ensure that our private, commercial, and municipal clients can rely on us for all their tree resources.

As a municipal client, we assist in the drafting and execution of contracts on the arboricultural front. You can count on us for:

  • Tree Planting & Establishment
  • Pruning & Removal
  • Tree Preservation
  • Tree Inspection
  • Other Services as Needed

Each contract preparation includes:

  • Clear documentation and detailed inspection reports.
  • Liaising between clients and their contractors.
  • Ensuring both parties understand expectations and complete projects on time and budget.

Tree Inventory Management & Forest Surveys

Assessments and tree inventories are an essential part of managing your urban forest. When you work with Green Drop, we handle this as proactively as possible. This helps us ensure that your trees stay valuable in your community – continuing to clean air, reduce runoff, lower energy costs, and boost community property value.

Our staff uses advanced technology and tree management software to collect data for surveys and tests. We even use these technologies in our plant diagnostic lab in Winnipeg. All data is used to manage your trees and offers solutions based on your trees’ specific needs. This enables us to help you plan for the future and can be delivered in the format most convenient for you.

Municipal clients at Green Drop include provincial and federal governments, municipalities, the forest industry, cottage associations, and private landowners. Our inventory arborists and ISA Board-Certified Master Arborists work with them to ensure that all tree care goals are met to the highest standard while staying on budget.

Urban Forestry Management Planning

Planning for the future is one of the best things you can do for your community’s urban forest. By mapping out your plans, you can guarantee a healthier and safer tree population that’s more efficiently managed. Our arborist team will always provide strategic planning and support for any size project while working with you on the personalized needs of your community.

You can count on our plans whether you need species selection, planting programs, maintenance, or ordinances. Green Drop’s experts are ready to protect your urban trees for years to come.

Arborist Reports

Comprehensive and practical guidelines in the form of arborist reports are a great way to ensure tree preservation for your community. Whether you’re caring for a city, neighbourhood, park, or university, we can provide detailed information on your trees' health. This helps our property owner, engineer, architect, developer, and builder clientele through the lifespan of a project.

For successful projects and long-lived trees, you can turn to us for the following services:

  • Site assessment of existing trees and natural resources.
  • Identification and mapping of critical root zones and trees on project maps.
  • Preparation of tree preservation action plans, soil analyses, and communication strategies between team members, contractors, and site visitors.
  • Strategies for plant health care.
  • Tree mitigation determination and planting plan review.

Four decades in the business of trees has given us a ton of insight into the best ways to protect your trees. We work within industry standards and use the latest arboricultural research to protect your trees. Our scientific, proven approach is the best way to curate tree protection through ordinances, developing zoning guidelines, writing contract specifications, and performing on-site monitoring.

*Service availability may vary by location

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Why Do You Need Municipal Services for Trees?

When you have an urban forest to care for, municipal services are a great way to ensure your trees' regular maintenance and care. You won’t have to worry about safety issues, planning, or tree health on your own.

Professionals Ensure Safety

You can keep yourself and others safe by turning to a company to assist with municipal services. Trained professionals know what to do when making a potentially dangerous cut, removing a tree, or undertaking a more involved process. They also have the insurance to handle any damages or potential injuries.

With the added help from professional-grade equipment, experts in tree care can more efficiently and more quickly provide for your trees without worrying about their safety or the safety of others who enjoy your urban forest.

Planning Done By Experienced Experts

It can be a massive undertaking if you don’t have experience planning or maintaining urban forests. A company with experts trained in arboricultural services and tree health will know the best way to curate your outdoor spaces for the future while keeping existing trees, structures, and other critical urban details in mind.

Better Tree Health

A trained arborist is a great support when you want to ensure the longevity of your trees. They know what to look for regarding pests, disease, or general tree maintenance. For example, you may not notice a specific marking or growth that indicates a deadly tree disease, but a certified arboricultural professional can make that distinction and provide treatment before you ever have to worry.

Green Drop Ensures Tree Health with Municipal Services

When you have an urban forest to maintain and keep healthy for the future, you need a company there for you every step of the way. Whether you need tree maintenance, forestry planning, or contract supervision, our team of experts is the arboricultural solution for you.

Green Drop has worked hard to develop a process that’s easy, budget-friendly, and environmentally friendly without sacrificing efficiency or quality. We’ll work with you to customize each part of your services while fully managing them.

Where does Green Drop offer municipal tree care services?

Green Drop ensures tree health with municipal services in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg.

Ready to get started with municipal services? Contact our team today for more information and to get a free estimate.

*Service availability may vary by location

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