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Basic Tree Health Care

  • RootBoost™️ - Deep Root Fertilization
  • 2 Targeted treatments for insect and disease control
  • Comprehensive landscape assessment
  • 6% Discount when prepaid
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Plus Tree Health Care

  • RootBoost™️ - Deep Root Fertilization
  • 3 Targeted treatments for insect and disease control
  • Comprehensive landscape assessment
  • 8% Discount when prepaid
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Premium Tree Health Care

  • RootBoost™️ - Deep Root Fertilization
  • 4 Targeted treatments for insect and disease control
  • Comprehensive landscape assessment
  • 10% Discount when prepaid

Creating an outdoor space you can love with Green Drop’s tree care services is easier than ever. Our Saskatoon team is passionate about a full range of services and making tree care simple. Start enjoying your outdoor spaces with one of our services, which includes:

  • RootBoost
  • Tree Pruning & Trimming
  • Plant Health Consultation & Diagnosis
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding & Removal
  • Tree Planting
  • Municipal Services

Science-backed programs and comprehensive care mean you can take care of your trees’ health without adding the stress of doing it on your own.

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Green Drop worker watering tree in Saskatoon

A Full Tree Care Package

Instead of worrying if your tree care company offers comprehensive services, look to Green Drop. Our experience and expertise set us apart in Saskatoon. We offer a complete package, going from removals to fertilization, and create customized care programs that will increase the longevity of your trees.

Set up your free consultation, schedule appointments, and handle easy payments in one place. Choosing a service with us ensures your yard is left looking beautiful and tidy when we’re finished.

Though not all our services are available in every location, we’re working on offering them everywhere soon!

RootBoost Fertilization

Our patented RootBoost treatment offers a simple solution for trees that need extra nutrients. It also provides help surviving through the harsh winter months. Adding additional nutrients with this service keeps your trees looking their best through better root development, improved resistance to disease, and surplus minerals and micronutrients.

Carried out seasonally, usually in the fall, liquid RootBoost treatments are injected directly into the root system. We’ve found the optimal spot is around six inches below ground, as most root systems sit between four and eight inches beneath the surface. Doing this before it gets too cold is a great way to protect your trees from the winter season.

Your trees will benefit from the following:

  • Leaves that are thicker and brighter.
  • Better soil aeration.
  • Improved disease and pest protection.

Our ISA-certified team uses their extensive knowledge to adjust treatments according to the tree species. They’re also available to talk with you to discuss your options for treatment and give you a free estimate before getting started.

Rooting for you

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Tree Pruning & Trimming

Regular pruning and trimming is one of the most effective methods to keep trees healthy. Pruning helps train a tree to grow in the best shape possible and encourages stronger branches while helping limit damaged or diseased branches from causing problems. Meanwhile, trimming is typically done to improve the overall shape and appearance of your trees.

Following ANSI A-300 Pruning Standards, we’ll remove potential hazards and keep your trees and shrubs looking their best. We’ll also utilize best practices for the les involved process of tree trimming to remove excessive branches and improve air flow around your trees.

In the long run, pruning mature trees every 3-5 years will encourage new growth and a longer-lasting tree. Trimming can be done more often because it’s not as invasive. So while these services can be an undertaking, pruning should never be ignored.

Plant Health Consultation And Diagnosis

During our years in operation, we've learned that the best way to prevent pests and diseases is to conduct thorough yard assessments. We’ll combine this with our in-depth knowledge to create a personalized program that will help identify disease signs and symptoms and pinpoint the perfect spots to plant new trees to avoid potentially dangerous insects.

Should we identify any problems, like diseases or infestations, we’ll act quickly to develop an effective treatment plan and get your trees back on track.

Tree Removal

The Green Drop team is here to help with tree removals. Removals happen for several reasons, ranging from a tree outgrowing the space available to a tree putting your home or power lines at risk of damage. It can be challenging, but our team has access to industrial strength and specialized equipment to remove problem trees effectively.

You can even risk your safety trying to remove a tree on your own, so working with someone with the training and experience to remove trees safely is essential.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Having undergone extensive training, our team has the knowledge and skills to effectively remove any tree stumps that might cause issues in your yard. Stumps can cause aesthetic problems, put your other trees at risk of disease, or be a safety risk to others, so if you’re considering removal or grinding your stumps, we’ve got it covered.

Grinding a stump utilizes a grinder tool to take a stump down below the yard line. It doesn’t completely remove a stump. When you remove a stump, the entire thing, including the roots, is lifted from the ground. Your choice will depend on what you need from that space in your yard. Working with a professional like Green Drop ensures less damage to the surrounding parts of your yard.

Tree Planting

Beautiful outdoor spaces with trees providing shade and boosting aesthetics greatly improve your curb appeal and personal enjoyment. But if you’re not sure what trees will work for your yard or what the best planting spots are, a professional company can help.

The Green Drop arborists have a wealth of experience supporting people through planting trees. We follow ANSI A-300 Planting standards and offer four different sizes of planters. Additionally, within the first year after planting, you’ll have a 50% warranty for the price in case your tree has a defect.

Emergency Services

Often unexpected and usually enough to strike fear into the hearts of most homeowners, tree emergencies can be a huge deal. Choosing an emergency service provider to ensure safety and less damage is a great idea when you need to protect your outdoor spaces.

You can count on Green Drop’s arborist’s expertise when you need:

  • Tree Removals
  • Storm-Damaged Tree Assessments
  • Tree Pruning and Trimming
  • Emergency Support Systems

Our team is ready to help you with rapid responses and complete safety for you, your family, and your property.

municipal tree care in Saskatoon by Green Drop

Municipal Tree Care

We know that protecting trees is important in Saskatoon. There are around 110,000 trees in the public areas of the city, and some, like Montgomery Place’s Junor Tree, are even considered landmarks.

Preventing the spread of disease in Saskatoon is just one way we serve the community. Plus, we offer our municipal customers the full range of arboreal services. This means that we can use our knowledge of Saskatoon’s bylaws regarding planting, removing and maintaining trees and shrubs to carry out work safely.

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How Green Drop Cares For Your Trees

We’ve devoted many years to developing a tree care package that is as simple and effective as possible. The technology and treatments we use result from our team's expertise, knowledge and skills and are offered to keep your yard looking beautiful.

ISA-Certified Arborists

You’ll find 14+ ISA-certified arborists, an ISA Master Arborist and an ISA Municipal Specialist on our team. All extremely passionate about keeping trees healthy, the team can handle just about any issues with tree care.

Free Consultations

It can be overwhelming when choosing a company to trust with creating your tree care services. Our goal at Green Drop is to make it as easy as possible to understand which services you need. That’s why we’ll visit your property for a free consultation and do a complete tree exam to pinpoint what you need. With an arborist report and estimate in hand, you’ll be equipped to make a decision and keep your trees at their healthiest.

Personalized Care Plans

We know that every yard is different and requires different levels of care to keep it healthy and looking beautiful. We’ll take your requirements and formulate a customized plan to give your trees the necessary care. We’ll work with you directly, offering advice curated from decades of experience.

Safe and Efficient Equipment

As a company, we’ve worked hard to build a team that understands various equipment and stays on top of the changes to ensure everything stays top-of-the-line. We can provide all services with efficient aerial trucks, climbers, grinders, large-capacity wood chippers, and other tools. These enable us to get your services done quickly and well.

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What to Expect from Green Drop Tree Services

We provide quality work from qualified arborists, reducing stress for our customers and offering a full spectrum of tree care services. Our plans are customized, personalized, and effective to keep your yard looking fantastic. Your trees will be defended all year with tree work done with seasonal best practices.

Our friendly team supports you every step of the way and is always willing to answer any questions you might have or discuss any concerns or new requests.

Clear Processes

As a company, it’s important that everything we do is easy to understand. Our processes and programs are intended to be transparent so that you don’t have to be an expert to understand why we’ve decided to take any action. You’ll be included in every step of the process because our processes and programs have been finely honed for the best results.

Take Advantage of Professional Saskatoon Arborists

After many years in business, our team has tons of experience to offer. With certified arborists and a depth of knowledge about trees, we can determine just about any situation’s needs. Plus, our specialists understand how to keep trees healthy with best practices.

Tree Care for the Entire Year

Depending on the season, trees need different types of care. With our tree care programs, we can cover anything you need year-round since we understand what trees need going into each season.

Tree Care Services Across Saskatoon

We are proud to serve the people of Saskatoon in many neighbourhoods, so look to us for your tree care if you live in some of these places:

  • Dalmeny
  • Martensville
  • Osler
  • Warman
  • Langham
  • Grandora
  • Hague
  • Vanscoy
  • Clavet

Personalized Services from Professionals Who Care

With personalized tree care plans, we can help a range of customers. Whether you need a tree removed or just want to ensure that your trees thrive even during the winter, the Green Drop team wants to help you create the outdoor space that’s perfect for you. With scientifically-proven management practices, we’ll help you cultivate more beautiful trees.

Get your free estimate today and create the perfect oasis!

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