What Does Estate Management Look Like at Green Drop?

The Green Drop team has got you covered for larger lawns and acreage properties. We offer an estate management service that will make your yard beautiful.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll help you with the complete list of lawn care services we offer, including:

When it’s time to take control of your lawn care, our GreenKeepers are ready to help get your yard back on track or take the lawn control to a new level.

It can be a huge step to move into estate management. Having a larger yard can feel particularly daunting because it’s hard to know what services you need or what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for a way to care for your lawn, Green Drop’s services will keep your yard looking its best.

Customized Service Package

Our GreenKeepers are all trained experts who can examine your lawn and will be able to tell you which services will work for your needs. With decades in the business, we know how to put in the effort to pay attention to every detail – you never need to worry because we’ll help every step of the way.

Every estate management client gets a customized plan. We based this on lawn size, your personal lawn maintenance goals, and what we determine your lawn needs to be the healthiest version of itself.

estate management by Green Drop

Scaled for Your Acreage

Whatever the size of your lawn, the Green Drop team will help. We work with estate and acreage owners in a free consultation to examine your yard and determine how many acres there are. Our equipment is top-of-the-line and scales with the size of the property. Since we also train our team extensively, they know how to manage all the different options and lawn sizes. Once we understand your acreage, we can determine the exact cost of your services and set you up for regular care that’s easy to keep up with.

Living Large

Live on an acreage or have a yard over 4000 sq ft?

Why Is Estate Management Important for Lawn Care?

There are a ton of benefits to switching your care to an estate or landscape management program. Generally, these programs are more comprehensive and offer a long-term solution where your professional team learns the ins and outs of the care you need. If you’re on the fence or didn’t know you could combine services for a larger property, now is the time to join the team.

Combines Services into One Visit

With an estate management option, you can entrust your lawn to one company and have them visit at the perfect time throughout the growing season. Fewer visits mean fewer interruptions to your day and less stress in the long run. With Green Drop, you’ll know what each visit entails since we combine services that work together to strengthen your yard. For example, when we visit to aerate your yard for the growing season, we’ll also over-seed your yard to boost the benefits of both services.

Regular Maintenance Means a Healthier Lawn

It can feel daunting to care for your lawn when it’s on the larger side, but a professional service can save you time and provide regular maintenance for your yard. When you have someone to treat your lawn regularly, keeping your yard healthy is much easier. Instead of worrying about making time for these tasks or finding the equipment, we’ll keep you on a regular schedule and match the seasonal treatments to ensure your lawn stays vibrant.

Green Drop GreenKeeper rides on a lawn mower on a large estate

Get to Know Your GreenKeepers

Working with the same company is a great way to get to know the folks who treat your lawn. It also gives us time to get to know your property and you so we understand everything needed and can make adjustments as your lawn changes and improves. Because of this, we can further personalize service as we become familiar with your needs and lawn.

Yard Aesthetics Are Handled for You

You don’t have to worry whether your lawn looks good because you’ll know that your professional team has it covered. Since the entire crew is certified and knows what to look for and how to boost the looks of your lawn, you have even more assurance that the pressure is off. Our experts will ensure a vibrant, lush yard while you enjoy the benefits of a yard that can continue to grow.

How Does Green Drop Care for Estates and Acreages?

More extensive lawns no longer need to be a thing that stresses you out. There’s a solution that saves you time and money while helping you boost your yard’s health in the long run. We’ve entirely built out this service to cover the maintenance that homes with multiple acres require.

Personalized Care Plans

One of our bigger concerns is ensuring your yard has exactly what it needs to succeed. When you come to us for estate management, we’ll examine your yard and determine the services you need and the scale so that it works specifically for your yard’s composition. We’ll consider what you’re looking for and recommend the best approach to get results. From there, we’ll manage everything for you and return to your property whenever needed.

Experienced Team Members Catch Issues Early

The entire Green Drop team has years of experience and undergoes extensive training. Whenever our team visits your property, you can be sure that we’ll examine everything closely. If there are issues with pests, diseases, or other spots where the lawn may be unhealthy, we can catch and treat them early. This can be invaluable for larger properties because you may not have the skills or time to comb through everything alone.

Comprehensive Care Ensures Long-Term Health

We combine and stack our services to provide your property with the best possible care. Our staff is dedicated to your lawn’s care, so we’ve created all of our programs in a way that allows us to pair services that work harmoniously to maximize results. Since our team is determined to understand everything there is to know about best practices for lawn care, you can count on us to keep your plants and grasses healthy for the long haul.

Driveway to an acreage with a big house

How Do You Know You Need Landscape Management?

With larger properties, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But there are a few signs that it’s time to consider a partner that keeps your yard in shape.

Lawn Care Takes a Long Time

It could be because you don’t have the proper skills, the time to learn them, or the right equipment, but if you dread caring for your lawn so much that you put it off or it takes many hours to accomplish the work, it’s time to consider an estate management team. Professionals have access to equipment that makes it easier to care for large spaces and have knowledge of the most efficient processes.

The Equipment You Need Is Hard to Find

Often, specialized equipment is needed to complete many lawn care services. Professionals have access to products and tools that cost more than most homeowners can reasonably afford or are difficult to find at the correct scale. Regular fertilization and aeration can be passed to a certified professional, and you won’t have to research or source equipment you only use once a year.

Lawn Size Makes Identifying Issues Overly Difficult

When your lawn is larger, there are more plants and grass to cover. So, if you don’t have a finely trained eye, it can be impossible to find and note many of the issues your property may face. A professional can carefully examine and catalogue your yard, finding any places of interest before they become problems. It’s essential to catch any issues early to avoid the heftier costs associated with damages.

Living Large

Live on an acreage or have a yard over 4000 sq ft?

What Does Landscape or Estate Management Cost?

The costs of estate management for lawns vary based on the size and scale of the project. Since different companies offer different services and need to customize your quote, you’ll want to chat with the lawn care team you’ve chosen to get an accurate estimate. One way to get started is by checking out the packages offered by a company and then seeing how their pricing and payment plans break down.

Green Drop makes the payment process easier with monthly invoices and online payments. You can log into your account and see your balance at any point. Plus, with auto-payments, your services will be set up and run without interruption. There’s no need to waste time scheduling services anymore!

Lawn Management Made Easy with Green Drop

Every lawn needs regular maintenance to do its best. Green Drop’s services are designed to keep your plants healthy and outdoor spaces beautiful all season. You may just be starting with estate management or looking for a partner to help improve your lawn. Either way, the team is ready to help.

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Living Large

Live on an acreage or have a yard over 4000 sq ft?