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Beautiful Premium

Season long fertilization, unlimited weed control, core aeration, custom overseeding, and our exclusive SoilBooster treatment. SoilBooster is 100% natural and contains essential revitalizing micronutrients that help grass grow thicker and heathier.

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Our Standard Program

Beautiful Basics Plus

Season long fertilization, unlimited weed control, core aeration and custom overseeding.

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Basic Lawn Needs

Beautiful Basics

Cover the basics with season long fertilization and unlimited weed control.

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We offer many residential services.

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About Green Drop:

Green Drop provides guaranteed residential lawn and tree care services, and helps keep the Canadian landscape healthy and beautiful.

Since 1980, Green Drop has grown (and grown!) to become one of Canada’s largest residential service companies. We lead the industry in sustainable practices and customer focused service.

Canada is our home, and our GreenKeepers are specialists in our unique outdoor environment. Green Drop is a family business that believes in building beautiful long term relationships with our employees and subscribers.

The people at Green Drop are polite and reliable. This is our second year with Green Drop and our grass is looking great! We will happily continue to be repeat customers.

Rebecca Anne
Calgary Customer

Green Drop Lawns


1230 Meridian Road NE
Calgary, AB, T2A 2N9

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I signed up for the Beautiful Basics Plus lawn program last year and my lawn looked great all year and still looks great at the end of October. No more killing my back pulling weeds. They were very responsive when I needed them to come out for spot weed control. Sign up for the whole season and save yourself some money. Don't think it cost me much more than doing it myself - worth the money. UPDATE - Just went back and looked at my review from 3 years ago and it still holds - just finished cutting the grass and my wife told me it looked like a carpet - feels like one too when you walk on it - will keep using the service.
- David Thatcher
I have used Green Drop for a number of years at the condominium complex I oversee. The service has been superb and the lawns and pathways look so good now. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this Company.
- Maureen Graham
All the GreenKeepers I have talked too are very friendly be it the Customer Care over the phone or the Greenkeepers that visited my place like Justise, Nolan, Mackenzie, and Bobby. However, I would like to further commend Eli Wilson who visited my place yesterday doing Aeration and Overseeding. Like as usual, I normally make a quick chat with the GreenKeeper to ask some tips. What amazes me with Eli is that he took the effort to explain to me what he is doing and encourage me to ask more questions if I have. Furthermore, I was very appreciative when he said "please don't hesitate to ask questions as I really love doing my job". High five to you Eli.. being passionate in what we do will definitively take us to much greener pasture. My lawn is getting beautiful each day. I can't wait to post a picture once all treatment is done.
- Virgilio II Monton
I had damaged my lawn last season and called Gregory to see if he could repair it. He came out last year to assess the damage and suggested to repair it in the spring. Gregory followed up in March and came by right away to schedule an appointment. Gregory and Adam came to do the repairs this week and were so professional and did a great job. They totally went above and beyond my expectations. My lawn hadn't been mowed making it difficult to so the repairs so Gregory offered to mow the lawn which really helped me out as I needed to work and watch the kids. They were very attentive and I can't thank them both enough. Good customer service is hard to come by so I wanted to share what a great experience we had. Thank you Gregory and Adam!!!
- jaime w
I am very happy with the service provided by Green Drop. They were extremely professional and even sent us a notification a day prior to coming which helped us get organized for the treatment.
- Patrick Finley

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