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Our Most Popular Program

Beautiful Premium

Season long fertilization, unlimited weed control, core aeration, custom overseeding, plus our SoilBooster service. SoilBooster is 100% natural and pet & child safe, revitalizing micro-nutrients to improve your soil so grass grows faster and healthier.

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Our Standard Program

Beautiful Basics Plus

Season long fertilization, unlimited weed control, core aeration and custom overseeding.

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Basic Lawn Needs

Beautiful Basics

Season long fertilization, unlimited weed control.

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Make Everything Beautiful.

We offer many residential services.

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Safe for Pets
Season Long Fertilizer & Unlimited Weed Control
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Pests Suck All Year.

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About Green Drop:

Green Drop provides guaranteed residential lawn and tree care services, and helps keep the Canadian landscape healthy and beautiful.

Since 1980, Green Drop has grown (and grown!) to become one of Canada’s largest residential service companies. We lead the industry in sustainable practices and customer focused service.

Canada is our home, and our GreenKeepers are specialists in our unique outdoor environment. Green Drop is a family business that believes in building beautiful long term relationships with our employees and subscribers.

The people at Green Drop are polite and reliable. This is our second year with Green Drop and our grass is looking great! We will happily continue to be repeat customers.

Rebecca Anne
Calgary Customer

Green Drop Lawns


1230 Meridian Road NE
Calgary, AB, T2A 2N9

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I started using them this year - the plus for me was that their method is pet friendly. Incredibly effective and great customer service. If something goes wrong, they get the issues addressed.
- Harsh Vardhan
Great service and exceptional results.
- John JWM
Always on time, and take care to address any additional problems that I might have. I’ve had people just walking by my home that have complimented how lovely my yard and grass look. I decided to add Buzz Boss to my program this year and I wish I had used them years ago. No spiders, which had taken over my yard completely in the pass. Green Drop and Buzz Boss have given me a beautiful yard to enjoy with my friends and family. I highly recommend their services to anyone who desires a beautiful and pest free environment for their home.
- Joe Irving
The clover is all gone and just a few dandelions left ...hope they will be gone by the end of summer.
- Anne Swain
Thank for the service Jack!!!
- Kevin Pouliot

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