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Beautiful Basic
$ 244.08 $325.44
Essential lawn needs at a great price.

  • The Green Drop Fertilizer Program Regularly scheduled nutrition for your lawn. Provides healthy growth and colour through the entire season.
  • Unlimited Weed Control Keep your lush green lawn pristine by saying goodbye to pesky broadleaf weeds.
  • Beautiful Results - Guaranteed!
Beautiful Premium
$ 472.43 $524.92
Take your lawn to new heights.

  • The Green Drop Fertilizer Program Regularly scheduled nutrition for your lawn. Provides healthy growth and colour through the entire season.
  • Unlimited Weed Control Keep your lush green lawn pristine by saying goodbye to pesky broadleaf weeds.
  • SoilBooster™ Builds drought resistance with advanced micronutrients derived from humic acid. A Green Drop exclusive.
  • Aeration & Over-Seeding Mechanically removes plugs of soli from the lawn, reducing compaction while improving water & nutrient uptake. Premium grass seed is then applied to fill in thin spots and promote a thick, velvety lawn.
  • Complementary Tree Care Assessment Landscape evaluation from our ISA certified Arborist to help kickstart your journey towards happier, healthier trees.
  • Beautiful Results - Guaranteed!
Beautiful Basic Plus
$ 351.48 $390.53
Help your lawn thrive in tough conditions.

  • The Green Drop Fertilizer Program Regularly scheduled nutrition for your lawn. Provides healthy growth and colour through the entire season.
  • Unlimited Weed Control Keep your lush green lawn pristine by saying goodbye to pesky broadleaf weeds.
  • SoilBooster™ Builds drought resistance with advanced micronutrients derived from humic acid. A Green Drop exclusive.
  • Beautiful Results - Guaranteed!

It’s never been easier to get excellent lawn care. Green Drop has the processes and experts you’ve been searching for, with easy monthly payments and recurring services. You can count on us to be with you through every season.

Our selection of services includes:

  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Fertilizer
  • Lawn Estate Management
  • Aeration & Overseeding
  • Snow Removal
  • Holiday Lighting

We’re here to simplify your life. Take lawn maintenance off your plate, and let us care for your outdoor spaces. Schedule your first service with us today!


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front lawn in Calgary treated by Green Drop

Year-Round Lawn Care

As a homeowner, you might have spent a lot of time thinking about how to make managing your lawn easier. The Green Drop team in Calgary knows how to help you get a healthy and beautiful property.

Each of our GreenKeerper teams is fully licensed for application and understands best practices, ensuring your lawn gets quality care every time. We’ll be with you during the growing season, and our programs see you through the winter months. Our long-term lawn care is exactly what you need for a brilliant yard.

Lawn Maintenance Services for Every Season

There are several lawn maintenance services around Calgary, but a number of them focus on one or two services. Green Drop is the full-service solution for lawn care you’ve been looking for. We’ve made it easy to set up your services and let them run without taking time out of your busy day. You’re granted more flexibility in your lawn care and never have to sacrifice quality.

What To Expect

Season Long

Icon Fertilizer


Our fertilization program introduces vital elements to your lawn to increase growth, health, and productivity.

Icon Weeds

Weed Control

Season-long applications applied by your GreenKeeper, to control broad-leaf weeds and reduce your lawn’s competition for nutrients.


Icon Aeration


Breaks up soil compaction to help move air, water, and nutrients, right down to the grass roots, where it is needed most.

Icon Licensed Insured

Over Seeding

Add new disease and drought resistant cultivars of seed to help create that lush lawn of your dreams.




This nutrient-rich elixir with over 70 essential minerals that will revitalize your lawn, improving drought resistance and empowering it to confront summer challenges with vigour.

Yard Fertilization & SoilBooster

Regular fertilization is one of the best things you can do for your lawn and plants. Doing this ensures that the soil in your yard has the proper nutrients for your plants to thrive. Things like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium are essential to plants, so adding fertilizer ensures your plants can thrive. The Calgary area has pretty alkaline soil, so fertilizer can be helpful depending on the plant life in your yard.

Most of our programs include our SoilBooster service. Our GreenKeepers will apply our humic acid treatment to your lawn to help it absorb nutrients better. With Soilbooster, you get a patented blend of minerals that give your plants an advantage all year.

Weed Control

During the summer, weeds proliferate and can get out of control fast. Things like dandelions, quack grass, and yellow toadflax are common in Calgary and can be particularly difficult to eliminate. Since they keep returning, you want an action plan for any weeds in your yard.

Caring for your yard is much easier when you have a weed control service defending your plants. You keep weeds from taking root through Green Drop’s preventative program, keeping a full and beautiful lawn and avoiding pests that may be attracted to the weeds in your yard.

The Green Drop GreenKeepers understand the best ways to treat and control these annoyances, so you never have to worry about your plants getting smothered by stubborn weeds. Our environmentally friendly products keep your lawn looking its best while your family and pets stay safe.


Aerating your lawn makes it easier for your plants and grass to absorb nutrients. Soil aeration is a great way to ensure that plants and grass absorb nutrients well. You add many holes to your lawn to increase oxygen and avoid soil compaction when aerating. Doing so regularly is a great way to create a healthy, lush yard.

With Green Drop, lawn aeration is done using state-of-the-art equipment and finely honed processes to help you reap even more benefits. Plus, our equipment is designed to work with our overseeding program, adding more coverage and greenery to your lawn.

Counting on us for these services ensures you don’t need to spend tons of money on special tools you use once or twice a year. Instead, our GreenKeepers provide comprehensive care and keep your lawn looking great. We’ve been around the block before, so all our programs are perfectly formulated for maximum results.


Overseeding, or reseeding, is the helpful practice of adding variety to the grasses in your lawn. Adding more grass types or bulking up your grass increases lawn density while improving resistance to disease and pests.

Our decades in lawn care have given us time to develop an infallible program for this service. We’ve combined overseeding and aeration to increase your lawn’s chances of growth and ability to bounce back. With state-of-the-art equipment, we can help almost all lawn sizes, whether residential or commercial, so let us help you create lush greenery all summer.

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lawn estate management in Calgary by Green Drop Lawns

Lawn Maintenance & Estate Management

If you’re a homeowner with a larger property, your yard likely requires more effort for upkeep. You may lack the time needed to ensure your lawn looks its best, and that’s where Green Drop comes in. We combine skillsets developed over years of business and specialized equipment into a perfectly honed process so that you can leave lawn maintenance to the professionals.

Working with a lawn company allows you to set a schedule that controls weeds, soil aerated, and plants fertilized. We can also catch any issues early, eliminating the need for you to worry if you miss something. Our complete estate management service is the perfect way to keep your lawn in top shape.

Living Large

Live on an acreage or have a yard over 4000 sq ft?

Snow Removal

While Green Drop cares for your lawn during the growing season, that’s not all we do. Our professional team is also here for you when winter sweeps in. Snow removal from Green Drop means you won’t have to worry about snow. We visit your property every time it snows, saving you time and the cost of equipment.

During especially rough winters, you won’t have to dig yourself out. Our 24-hour guarantee has got you covered. We’ll be there within the day and with unlimited visits for one flat monthly payment. This can be helpful in Calgary since the average is about 88 days with 1cm or more of snow each year.

Let it snow

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Available in all Green Drop locations except Winnipeg

holiday lighting decoration in Calgary by Green Drop

Holiday Lighting

If you love holiday lights, Calgary is a great place to be. We have the Airdrie Festival of Lights and the ever-popular Zoolights at the Calgary Zoo to visit during the holiday season. Enjoying these lights can be one of the season's highlights, but setting up lights at your home may be a different story. We've got it covered when you’re short on time or don’t think you have the creative mind to develop a display.

Our experts work with you to design and customize a residential display so you don’t have to stress about outdoor decorations. With a WCB Insured team and professional installation and removal, you can focus on many other things you need to get done during the holiday season. Plus, you avoid injuries that could slow you down and any potential damage to your home.

Custom colours and themes are at your fingertips, leading to limitless possibilities. Our team is easy to work with and helps you maintain your lights all season, freeing up your time. We even take down and store your lights at the end of the season.

Check out our range of services and find the one that matches your needs. Sign up today!

‘tis the season

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Care for Your Lawn with Green Drop

After decades in business, we’ve developed finely honed lawn programs you can count on. In-depth and personalized care combine for those starting their lawn care journey and for those who just want to make it easier to keep up with maintenance.

Trained GreenKeepers

Extensive training and experience are the name of the game for our GreenKeepers. They know best practices and stay current on how to care for your lawn. Each type of product is matched with the best approach for application, so you know your property is covered. If you have questions, our team can answer them and provide detailed descriptions of any service.

Scientifically-Backed Care Programs

Beyond extensive training, we build a base of knowledge about lawns, plants, and treatments so we can better understand your property and assess the situation to provide treatment. Our programs utilize environmentally sound and science-based understandings of lawn care, and we use that to match you with the best program for your lawn. Then we can deliver that program with efficiency.

Specialized Equipment

Green Drop lawn care means top-of-the-line equipment and the expertise to use it well. We will always choose the best tools to provide safe and efficient care. Additionally, since professional-level equipment can be more expensive, you likely don’t want or need to invest in a tool you won’t use all the time. Our flat rate pricing provides exact costs for services without the price tag that comes from buying a tool.

Safe & Effective Treatments

Eco-friendly, non-toxic treatments are a guarantee with Green Drop. We keep your lawn looking great and your family and pets safe. You’ll be able to immediately enjoy your outdoor spaces again after our quick treatments are applied. Since the ecosystem of your lawn won’t be impacted by our treatments, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of helpful pollinators and other creatures.

Free Service Calls

Service calls are always free and included in our 100% guarantee. We encourage you to call us if you encounter a problem or don’t see results. Then we can come to you as soon as possible. Our programs include these services, and since we work with your lawn for the long term, we can provide a unique solution if you ever encounter problems.

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What to Expect from Green Drop’s Services

We’ve sought to make lawn care easier for our customers for years. That’s why we’ve set up our programs with monthly payments and auto-scheduling so that everything is easy to understand. Lawn care hasn’t always been the most precise, but we’re taking the stress out of choosing a professional.

Years of Expertise

Over 40 years of experience allow Green Drop to learn and adapt best practices and tips to caring for your lawn. Our team is varied, so their expertise and numerous skill sets are here to share advice and give explicit instruction.

Clear Processes

After so long in the industry, we’ve been able to test and develop our processes into a finely honed system. When we create your plan and order one of our programs, we share each step with you and lay out each part of the treatment. Then we can answer any questions or concerns to help you understand anything you aren’t sure about.

Season-Long Treatment

The growing season is an important time for your lawn, and to ensure it looks its best, you need care that lasts the entire season. So all of our treatment plans include season-long care. Starting in the spring and running into the fall, you can keep growing strong and set your lawn up for success in winter.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our services are guaranteed to have results. If you don’t see results immediately, let us know. We’ll return to your property with a free service call and reapply or reassess your property.

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Safe & Effective Lawn Care for Calgary Neighbourhoods

Green Drop is here for many of Calgary’s neighbourhoods. If you need regular lawn care, look for us in your area:

  • Airdrie
  • Foothills County
  • Langdon
  • Okotoks
  • Priddis
  • Rocky View Country
  • Strathmore
  • Chestermere
  • Cochrane
  • Crossfield
  • DeWinton
  • Bearspaw
  • Redwood Meadows
  • Bragg Creek

Get Back to Enjoying Your Lawn with Green Drop’s Services

If your lawn needs a hand or you just want to improve your lawn care routine, turn to Green Drop. Our scientifically-focused treatment plans will help your property look its best and keep it vibrant all season long.

Ready to get started? Schedule a service with us today.

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