How to Water?

Water your trees manually. The best way to water trees is by soaker, or irrigation hose. Sprinklers and regular garden hoses are less efficient than soaker hoses but can be used. Use organic mulch (wood chips etc.) to conserve moisture and apply water over the top of the mulch. Do not concentrate water at the base of the trunk.

Image by Vacaville Tree Foundation

Where to Water?

Lay the soaker hose on the ground in a circle under or beyond the drip-line. Most of the roots of the tree spread 1-1/2 to 3 times as wide as the tree’s canopy. Some trees such as Spruce will have absorbing roots well beyond the drip-line.

Image by City of Surrey

When to Water?

The best time to water your trees is early morning when evaporation will be less. Using a sprinkler watering at night is not recommended.

Image by jcomp on Freepik

How Much to Water?

Water well or not at all! Shallow watering will “starve” the deeper roots causing more growth of surface roots, these roots will be predisposed to freeze conditions. Less frequent deep watering is much better than frequent light watering. Let the water run slowly generally 1-3 inches of water per week in summer and every two weeks in spring/fall will keep a tree healthy. Five gallons (approx 2o litres) per square yard is about 1 inch of water.

Tips in Watering

  • Apply two -three inches of mulch (wood chips, bark) under the plant canopy. Mulch retains soil moisture and discourages weeds. Very attractive in the landscape as well!
  • In spring and in late fall water twice as long as you normally do.
  • Newly planted trees have small root systems and can take up water from only a limited area. For the first 6 months water at least once a week. More in hot weather.
  • Because evergreens lose moisture from their needles, which are retained year-round, they tend to be more susceptible to dry conditions. It is especially important to water evergreens well before winter and as soon as possible in spring when the ground has thawed.
  • Because a lawn is well-watered this does not mean the trees are. Turf will use most water from irrigation

Wondering about costs?