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Beautiful Trees

We Look After Your Trees, so You Can Look Up to Your Trees!

Trees and shrubs are a significant investment to the beauty and vibrancy of your home and yard. We've been nurturing and encouraging the healthiest and strongest trees and shrubs since our first client, with a full offering of tree care and shrub care services.


It’s time to get to the root of tree and shrub health.

Keep your trees and shrubs looking healthy year-round with RootBoost™ , a deep root fertilization service.

RootBoost™ focuses on providing nutrients–applied directly to the roots of your trees and shrubs–that offers health benefits such as disease control and root development, rather than focusing solely on new foliage growth. Excess nutrients are then stored in the roots and become rapidly available when needed for new growth.

Boost the health of your trees in spring, by providing the nutrients they need in fall.

Benefits of RootBoost™:

  • Help trees/shrubs survive through the winter.
  • Encourages healthy growth the following season.
  • Especially good in new neighborhoods to help establish new trees/shrubs.
  • Don’t replace your trees/shrubs – RootBoost!

Contact us now for an estimate. We can design the tree care program that is right for you and your trees!

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