11 Signs Your Trees Need Some Pampering

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Now that spring has finally sprung here, the trees in your lawn are finally waking up from their long winter nap. Western Canadian winters are no joke; they can be harsh on even the sturdiest trees.

So, how do you know if your favourite tree needs a little TLC (Tree Love & Care) to get it back to its vibrant, green self?

Our ISA-certified tree arborists have the inside scoop on the signs that indicate your tree needs some attention and love!

Leaf It to the Experts—11 Signs Your Tree Needs Some TLC

Here are some signs your trees need to be pampered:

1. Leaves Looking Less Than Lush

Yellow rotten leaves on a tree with sun shinning on it
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This is kind of a no-brainer, but if your trees look a little sad and skimpy and the leaves turn yellow or brown earlier than usual, you need to nip the problem in the bud.

Discolouration can be a classic sign of bronze leaf disease, which affects poplar and aspen trees. It could also be a sign of nutrient deficiencies or even some sneaky pests munching away on a leafy feast.

For tree health care, get in touch with our certified arborist. We can be your tree whisperer. Our arborist can spot the issue and use the perfect solution, whether it's a fertilizer power-up, some eco-friendly pest control, or even some TLC to fight off a nasty disease.

2. Canadian Winter Woes

Snow covered tree
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Let's face it: Western Canadian winters are a delight (not!). That harsh cold can (literally) crack up your trees. Look out for cracks in the bark caused by those frosty nights (we call them frost cracks).

Evergreens might also get some browning needles from drying out during winter, which isn't ideal. And don't forget those heavy snowfalls and ice storms that can snap even the sturdiest branches.

This is a great time to consider tree trimming by a qualified arborist to remove any broken or damaged branches.

3. Branching Out in the Wrong Way

Green Drop worker on a lift holding a tree with a rope

Is your tree sporting some funky-looking branches that are dead, diseased, or just growing at weird angles? These look unsightly and can pose a safety hazard in windy conditions.

Professional tree pruning can get things back on track. We know exactly how much to remove and where to make cuts to promote healthy growth and a strong structure.

4. Fungus Among Us

Leaves affected with fungus
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Nobody likes unwanted guests, especially not icky fungus taking up residence on your tree. This can be a sign of poor air circulation or even root damage.

Early detection is key, so keep an eye out for any funky growths. Our tree care service can diagnose the cause and recommend treatment options to get rid of the fungus and improve your tree's health.

5. Critter Alert

Green Drop worker in front of a tree with a text cloud

Our neck of the woods is full of fascinating furry (and not-so-furry) friends who might find your trees extra delicious.

Beavers with a taste for wood, porcupines with a gnawing problem, or even rabbits with a nibbling habit can all leave their mark on your trees.

Look for signs of chewing on the branches or bark. Have you spotted bite marks and little holes munching their way up the trunk? Those might be hungry grubs or other insects and critters just chomping away at your tree. With our arborists, you get safe, eco-friendly solutions to get rid of those pesky critters and keep your tree healthy.

6. Thinning Out Up Top

Green Drop workers trimming a tree with scissors

Is your tree's crown looking a little sparse compared to its neighbour’s? This could be a sign of compacted soil, lack of sunlight, or even competition from other trees due to improper tree planting.

We can assess the situation and recommend solutions like proper mulching, root aeration, or even selective pruning to help your tree reach its full, leafy potential!

7. Herbicide Hangover

We all love a weed-free yard, but gotta be careful with those herbicides! If you live near farmland or use them yourself, accidental exposure can be a real drag for your trees.

Signs of a herbicide hangover can be weird, twisted leaves, stunted new growth that just won't get going, or even whole branches on one side of the tree mysteriously dying off. Oops. But we can fix that with tree maintenance.

8. Windy Woes

We're used to strong winds here, and a healthy tree can take a beating. So, if you notice your tree looking a little worse for wear after a storm, it might be a sign of hidden damage.

This could be root damage underground or even cracks in the branches that you can't see from the ground. Better get us to take a peek!

9. Sap on the Move

Green Drop workers planting a tree and posing next to it

Is sap leaking down your tree's trunk? This could be a sign of canker diseases caused by some unfriendly fungi or bacteria. These guys can kill branches or even the whole tree if left unchecked.

The good news is that our professional arborist can prune away the icky bits with squeaky-clean tools to stop the spread. Just remember, don't tackle this one yourself—work with dry bark and call in the experts for trunk cankers.

10. Unwanted Sneaky Visitors

Watch out for these unwanted visitors (pests and diseases)! Our landscape is susceptible to certain invasive species that can wreak havoc on our trees.

Keep an eye out for signs of Dutch Elm Disease on your elms, emerald ash borer, or Larch Mountain Pine Beetle on your striking pines. These diseases spread fast and can be deadly for trees, so reach out to us if you suspect them!

11. Failure to Launch Toward the Sky

Green Drop worker treating a tree with incjections

Is your tree struggling to grow? This could be a sign of "dieback," which can happen for a bunch of reasons, like pests, diseases, or just being stressed out by the weather.

Dieback usually starts at the tips of the branches and works its way in. The good news is that with a little detective work by our tree care pros, we might be able to save your tree, depending on the problem.

Bonus Tip

Remember, just like us, trees need a balanced diet! If your soil is lacking essential nutrients, a little fertilizer love can go a long way. Green Drop’s ISA-certified arborists can help you with the right tree health care to make your leafy giant soar!

Recognize the Signs, Save Your Tree!

By staying rooted in good practice and keeping an eye out for those tree-telling signs, you can help your trees stay happy and healthy for years to come. Remember, healthy trees mean a healthier planet, and that's a shade of green we can all get behind!

Take a look at our tree care packages and schedule a free tree care assessment with one of our ISA Certified Arborists.

We're eager to chat about your trees and concerns and cook up the perfect treatment plan to get them back to their vibrant, flourishing selves!

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