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Looking after your lawn is much like brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Both require a delicate balance of ingredients and a touch of subtlety. And as easy as it is to ruin your morning brew by overcooking the beans for a minute too long, bad habits can do a number on your soil.

Is your lawn not blooming no matter what you do? Perhaps you’re unknowingly stirring trouble beneath your feet?

Let’s “unearth” some common practices that might turn your lush lawn into a lacklustre lot.

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Habits That Might Be Affecting Your Soil

Lawn care is both a science and an art and sometimes, even the most well-intentioned practices can inadvertently cause harm to the soil that nourishes your lawn.

Here are twelve common habits that might be impacting your soil:


Excessive watering leads to waterlogged soil, depriving roots of essential oxygen and promoting the growth of harmful mould and root rot. When that happens, it stifles root breathing and nutrient uptake, ultimately weakening plants and making them susceptible to disease.


Not providing enough water can lead to dry, compacted soil, making it difficult for plant roots to grow and for nutrients to be absorbed effectively.

Neglecting Organic Matter

Soil that lacks organic matter, such as compost, tends to be less structurally sound and nutrient-poor. Organic material improves soil aeration and water retention, enhances nutrient content, and supports a diverse microbial ecosystem – all crucial for healthy plant growth.

Too Much Foot Traffic

Frequent use of heavy machinery or excessive foot traffic (especially after heavy rain) compresses soil. Compaction reduces the pore space necessary for air and water movement, hindering root expansion and weakening plant stability and health. Aerating can be a lifesaver in such cases.

Poor Mowing Practices

Mowing with dull blades or cutting grass too short can affect the turf, exposing the soil to too much sun, which may increase moisture loss and compaction risks. Maintain proper mowing height of 2.5–3 inches to encourage healthier roots and reduce soil stress.

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Leaving Soil Bare

Uncovered soil is highly susceptible to erosion and rapid moisture loss, particularly during dry or windy conditions. If your soil is exposed to the elements for too long, it’ll lose nutrients, and its fertility will decline, making it difficult for plants to thrive.

Excessive Raking

Over-raking can disturb the soil's surface and harm plant roots, particularly in young or newly established turf. This may lead to unhealthy grass and increased susceptibility to pests and diseases due to stressed root systems.

Lack of Aeration

Neglecting to aerate soil leads to compaction, which can significantly restrict root growth and decrease water infiltration and nutrient uptake.

Tips for Healthy Soil

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Healthy soil is the foundation of any thriving lawn in Red Deer. Here are some tips to ensure your soil remains healthy and fertile:

  • Aerating your soil helps prevent compaction, allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper and reach plant roots more effectively. This process encourages a robust root system and healthier plant growth.
  • Incorporating compost into your soil is one of the best ways to enhance its fertility and structure. Compost adds essential organic matter that feeds soil microbes and improves nutrient retention and water availability to plants.
  • Implementing a watering schedule that meets your plants' specific needs can drastically improve soil health and plant vigour. Overwatering can damage soil structure and root health, while underwatering can stress plants.

Looking for more tips on maintaining healthy soil? Discover the 7 Secrets to Building Healthy Soil in Alberta here.

Supercharge Your Soil with SoilBooster™

The right interventions can transform your lawn, and this is where Green Drop’s SoilBooster™ comes into play. The SoilBooster™ treatment is meticulously designed to revitalize and enrich your soil. Imagine giving your lawn a multivitamin boost that reaches deep into the earth, enhancing the very essence of the soil.

SoilBooster™ infuses your soil with over 70 essential minerals and nutrients, directly addressing deficiencies that can hinder plant growth. By doing so, it ensures that your turf grass grows stronger and more resilient against the stresses of changing weather patterns, particularly drought. This resilience is crucial when water scarcity can become a sudden challenge.

Moreover, SoilBooster™ actively stimulates root development, fostering deeper and healthier root systems that tap into underground resources more effectively. This stimulation complements its ability to speed up the breakdown of thatch (the layer of dead organic matter that can suffocate your lawn if left unchecked).

By decomposing thatch faster, SoilBooster™ allows water, air, and nutrients to reach the soil more easily, enhancing your lawn’s overall health and appearance.

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Dig Deep and Plant a Future with Green Drop

As you step out on your lawn next time, think about the unseen life beneath your feet and how your everyday choices shape its future. Are your lawn care habits nurturing this vital foundation or inadvertently hindering it? Now's the time to ensure your soil isn't just good but great!

Green Drop's lawn fertilization services and the ground-breaking SoilBooster™ are your soil’s best allies. Consult our GreenKeepers, who are happy to guide you on the best course of action to invigorate your lawn from the roots up.

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