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Introducing SoilBooster™, only from Green Drop

Soil is the foundation for every healthy lawn and garden. Green Drop’s new SoilBooster™ improves the quality of your soil so grass and plants will grow faster, stronger, and healthier.

Green Drop SoilBooster™ is an excellent source of over 70 minerals and nutrients. These nutrients help a lawn recover and protect it against the effects of summer stresses. Our application is 100% natural, odor free and safe for children and pets!

Lawn aeration benefits

Benefits Include

  • Improves overall health of turf grasses
  • Improves appearance and color
  • Benefits soil micro-organisms
  • Stimulates root growth and speeds seed germination
  • Increases uptake of trace minerals
  • Contains micronutrients and amino acids
  • Speeds up breakdown of thatch
  • Improves resistance to drought stress

SoilBooster™ is included in our Beautiful Premium programs. Contact us for more information or

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