Holiday Lighting

Green Drop offers a wide range of Holiday lighting products to brighten and beautify your home or business this holiday season. You choose the design & colours of your lights, and we install & maintain your decorations for the season. It's that simple!

We'll return to remove & store all of your holiday decorations and lighting at the end of the season. So put away the ladder and forget about one bad bulb ruining the whole wire- we have you covered.

Are you thinking of hanging holiday lights yourself? It is not recommended….but why?

Safety first! There were more than 15,000 injuries from falls hanging lights last year alone-

Save the frustration….. Dealing with the bulbs, clips, timers, and electricity all in the winter weather. No thank you!

Expertise- knowing where, how and the safest way to install light ensuring they brighten up the holiday season is an art and Green Drop has it down to a science. Leave the hard work to the experts.

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