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Basic Tree Health Care

  • RootBoost™️ - Deep Root Fertilization
  • 2 Targeted treatments for insect and disease control
  • Comprehensive landscape assessment
  • 6% Discount when prepaid
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Plus Tree Health Care

  • RootBoost™️ - Deep Root Fertilization
  • 3 Targeted treatments for insect and disease control
  • Comprehensive landscape assessment
  • 8% Discount when prepaid
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Premium Tree Health Care

  • RootBoost™️ - Deep Root Fertilization
  • 4 Targeted treatments for insect and disease control
  • Comprehensive landscape assessment
  • 10% Discount when prepaid

In Regina, where the urban canopy contributes significantly to the city's charm and environmental health, prioritizing tree care is essential. Green Drop offers specialized tree health care services led by ISA-certified arborists who are experts in Regina's unique ecological needs. Our goal is to ensure the longevity and vitality of your trees through comprehensive, science-based care.

Our Regina-specific tree health care services include:

  • Complimentary yard consultations to assess the specific needs of your landscape.
  • RootBoost Fertilization tailored to Regina's soil conditions.
  • Pest identification and management strategies effective against local species.
  • Disease diagnosis by experts familiar with regional pathogens.
  • Customized treatment plans designed by certified arborists with Regina's urban forestry in mind.

Embrace preventative health care for your trees with Green Drop and start with a free estimate from our local team.

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Tailored Support for Regina's Trees by Green Drop

Green Drop's team of expert arborists is committed to the health of Regina's trees. With over two decades of experience in the region, we've crafted treatment plans that address immediate concerns and fortify trees against future challenges, all while considering the unique characteristics of each yard in Regina.

RootBoost for Regina's Trees

The health of a tree's roots is critical, especially in Regina's variable climate. Our RootBoost service is specially designed for fall applications. It enriches your trees with essential nutrients that support stronger root development and disease resistance, ensuring they're prepared for Regina's seasons.

Pest Identification & Eco-Friendly Treatment

Regina's diverse ecosystem includes specific pests that can threaten tree health. Our arborists are trained to identify these pests early and implement integrated pest management strategies. These eco-friendly solutions are tailored to protect your tree and the broader environment from harm.

Disease Diagnosis and Management

Diseases can be particularly tricky in Regina due to local environmental stressors. Our ISA-certified arborists leverage their extensive knowledge and the latest technology to diagnose and treat diseases, ensuring your trees remain a vibrant part of Regina's landscape.

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Understanding the Costs of Tree Health Care in Regina

Investing in the health of your trees is crucial for maintaining your property's appeal, safety, and ecological balance. Green Drop offers transparent pricing and a range of services designed to fit the varied needs of Regina residents.

Tree Inspection and Consultation

Our initial tree consultation in Regina is complimentary, providing a solid foundation for subsequent tree care services. This approach ensures that our solutions are effective and economical for Regina homeowners.

Pruning & Removal within Regina's Urban Landscape

Regular pruning, guided by Regina's specific tree species and urban planning considerations, ensures your trees enhance the city's beauty. Removal, when necessary, is conducted with the utmost care to prevent damage and comply with local regulations, always with a precise, upfront cost.

Pest & Disease Control

Maintaining vigilance against pests and diseases is less costly and more environmentally responsible than dealing with the aftermath of infestations. Our services are priced to encourage regular maintenance, safeguarding Regina's trees year-round.

Recognizing Healthy Trees in Regina

Knowing the signs of a healthy tree can help Regina residents identify potential issues early. Green Drop provides guidance on monitoring tree health, from inspecting bark and roots to understanding the impact of environmental stressors specific to Regina.

Our experts can help you spot early signs of trouble, from damaged trunks to unusual leaf patterns, ensuring timely interventions that keep Regina's trees flourishing.

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Tree Health Care Services Across Regina

We offer services across a range of Regina neighbourhoods. You can find us in places like:

  • Glencairn Village
  • Glenelm Park
  • Broders Annex
  • Gardiner Heights
  • Normanview
  • Downtown
  • Whitmore Park
  • Parliament Place
  • Lakeview
  • Walsh Acres
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Commit to the Health of Regina's Trees with Green Drop

Green Drop is dedicated to the care and preservation of Regina's trees. Our comprehensive services, from routine maintenance to emergency interventions, are designed to ensure that your trees contribute to the city's beauty and environmental well-being for years to come.

For expert tree health care in Regina, contact Green Drop. Our local arborists are ready to partner with you to sustain your trees' health and beauty. Contact us today to begin with a free estimate.

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Tree Health Care FAQs

What is a tree risk assessment?

A tree risk assessment systematically evaluates a tree's health, structural integrity, and potential hazards it may pose to people, property, or other nearby trees. These assessments are generally carried out by professional arborists who recommend the appropriate path for management, maintenance, or removal. They examine a tree for signs of decay, disease, or structural defects and assess the probability of tree failure.

How do you check a tree's condition?

To check a tree's condition, look for the following:

  • Overall tree appearance, including leaf size, colour, and density.
  • Presence of dead or broken branches.
  • Signs of disease or pests, including discoloured leaves, cankers, or insect damage.
  • Trunk health, including visible wounds, cracks, or decay.
  • Root system condition, note any visible damage, decay, or uplifting roots.
  • Tree lean or changes in the tree's position over time.

How do you know if a tree is unhealthy?

A tree could be unhealthy if you notice any of the following:

  • Wilted, discoloured, or prematurely falling leaves.
  • Dead or dying branches.
  • Cracks, splits, or decay on the trunk.
  • Fungal growth, such as mushrooms or conks, on the tree or near its base.
  • Pests or signs of infestation.
  • Sparse or uneven canopy growth.

How can you tell if a tree has root rot?

A tree may have root rot if you notice discoloured, wilted, or stunted foliage; thinning of the tree’s canopy; branch dieback or tree decline; or an unstable or leaning tree. Additionally, if you notice loose or decaying bark at the base of your tree, it could be a sign of root rot. Another thing to be aware of is the presence of fungal fruiting bodies (like mushrooms) at the base of your tree or on the roots.

How do you know if a tree is rotting on the inside?

To determine if a tree is rotting on the inside, look for the following signs:

  • Fungal fruiting bodies growing on the trunk or branches.
  • Cracks or cavities in the trunk.
  • Unusual swelling or bulging on the trunk.
  • Soft, spongy, or crumbly wood when probing the trunk.
  • Hollow sounds when tapping the trunk with a rubber mallet or the back of a screwdriver.

What is considered a healthy tree?

A healthy tree is typically characterized by the following:

  • Vibrant, well-formed leaves appropriate for the species and season
  • Strong, well-attached branches without excessive deadwood.
  • A balanced, full canopy with a proper amount of sunlight penetration.
  • A solid, sturdy trunk free from significant cracks, decay, or wounds.
  • A stable root system without visible damage, deterioration, or uplifting roots.
  • Absence of signs of disease or pest infestations.

Where does Green Drop offer tree health care services?

Our tree health care services have blossomed and are ready to nurture the well-being of trees in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg.

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