Winter Showdown: DIY vs Professional Snow Removal Services

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From breathtaking blooming trees to gorgeous amber fall hues to mystical snowy weather, we see it all. But! It’s all fun and games until the roads and driveway get all frosty with 5 inches of snow piled up.

Are you thinking of getting out there and plowing away on your own? Or should you hire professional snow removal services?

Navigating the choice between handling snow removal on your own or hiring a professional service can be as intricate as the snowflakes themselves. Each option holds its own set of merits and considerations. From cost-effectiveness to time management and quality of results, the decision hinges on various factors. You need to be mindful of several pros and cons before investing your hard-earned money in snow-clearing equipment. Here they are.

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How Much Are You Willing To Invest?

It may seem like choosing to DIY would cost much less than hiring a professional snow removal service. But the only cost you will be saving is not paying for labour.

A DIY snow-clearing project will mean you must invest in snow removal equipment, mainly a shovel, a snow plow, and a blower machine. Other than that, there are also some hidden costs that you should keep in mind before deciding. Some of these are:

· Maintenance of machines and equipment

· Storage of these equipment

· Fuel cost to operate all the machinery

· Salts and ice melters to help de-ice the outdoor spaces

· Possible damage to property, vehicle, or potential health risks

· Legal repercussions in case you weren’t compliant with the bylaws

· Extra cost for winter jackets, boots, and other winter gear just in case they get ruined

Snow plowing equipment is not only heavy to lift and use but also heavy on the pocket. In addition to the costs, there’s also the physical labour part that comes into play. Professional services might be the answer if you want to skip the major investment and work.

Opportunity Cost: Effort And Time Consumption

In most Canadian cities, residents are required to remove snow and ice from public sidewalks bordering their private property within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. That’s how long you typically have before you’re hit with hefty fines ranging from $25–$250 for a first offence.

This basically comes down to the big question: Time is money; how much is your time worth?

In addition, massive dumps of snow are no joke to clean. Not only will it require an ample amount of time and energy to remove, but it is also a very dangerous task. Piles of accumulated ice and snow can be hazardous, not just for you but also for the passers-by. You’re always at the risk of slipping and hurting yourself.

If you’re in a time crunch, and you almost always will be, professional snow removal may be the way to go.

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Enhances Curb Appeal

There’s nothing quite unsightly than a house drowning in layers of snow that has now formed an ugly black ice base. If you’re selling your house, this translates to losing thousands of dollars on a potential offer.

Professional snow removal contributes greatly to enhancing the curb appeal of your property.

You Can Be at Risk of Severe Injuries

Piled-up snow can be a real nuisance when you must tiptoe your way out every single time you step out of the house. Getting a clear driveway for the snowy season is crucial for multiple reasons. But the real question is, is it worth cleaning all the snow by yourself?

You can do it on your own, but it comes with certain liabilities, especially if you have an underlying medical condition. With issues like poor heart health or muscle and bone problems, choosing to take on a labour-intensive task might be a bad idea.

Other risks:

· You may get severely injured by slipping over snow

· Your property or vehicle may be damaged

· You may worsen your underlying medical condition

· You and your family members may get exposed to harmful de-icing chemicals

One more factor to consider is the legal liabilities. In case of a shoddy job and not getting all the snow cleared, if someone trips on your icy outdoors, you may end up getting sued.

Considering the severity of these cons, it’s better to hire a professional snow shovelling service.

Make Sure To Be Compliant With the Bylaws

Cities like Edmonton and Calgary have clear-cut bylaws regarding snow removal. According to these laws, you are liable to get the snow blankets cleared down to the bare surface around your property.

Homeowners are legally responsible for shovelling snow off the driveways, pathways, and even public sidewalks surrounding their residential premises within 24 hours after snowfall ends. The public pathways that are inclusive of this liability are those that run parallel or adjacent to the boundaries of your home. If you own a rental property, you’re still responsible for arranging snow removal service even if you reside elsewhere.

If you fail to comply with your city’s snow-removing bylaws, you may end up getting penalized. And let’s be real, paying hefty fines during the holiday season feels like nothing less than a party pooper. Therefore, it is better to relax and leave all this mental and physical stress for a professional to handle.

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FAQs for Professional Snow Removal

What does the law say regarding snow removal on residential properties?

Laws regarding snow removal vary from city to city. For instance, according to the city of Calgary bylaw 8544, homeowners are responsible for shovelling off the snow or ice from the driveway, pathway, and surrounding public sidewalks within 24 hours of snowfall. Make sure to check your local city bylaws for snow removal.

Should I get a snow removal contract with a service beforehand?

Planning for the winter season isn’t complete if you don’t plan for a regular snow shovelling solution. Canadian winter means blankets of white snow covering your property. Most service providers get super busy during the season. If you choose to hire a professional to take on the task for the season, it’s better if you get a contract with a snow plowing service during fall.

Why is it crucial to clear snow and ice from your outdoor spaces?

Your property and its surroundings must be accessible to you and the people living around your premises. In case someone falls or slips because of winter precipitation outside your home, you will be liable for the damages. You can read the bylaws regarding snow removal in your city to ensure you comply with the laws.

Where are you legally allowed to put the cleared snow?

Again, bylaws for snow removal differ from city to city. In most cities, you are allowed to put shovelled snow from public sidewalks to another public space, like the road. However, it is both ethically and legally offensive to put the cleared snow from your private property on a public area or someone else’s private property. You will also be legally liable if you block access to a public space or your neighbour's private property by shovelling snow.

Green Drop can take over all your snow removal hassle

Piles of accumulated snow is an inevitable part of winter in Canada. Removing snow from your driveway, pathway, lawn, and roof is exhausting. That’s why you can hire a professional snow removal service like Green Drop in case you’re not considering removing heavy snow blankets by yourself.

Our team of experts provides 100% satisfactory results with unlimited visits. This means you won’t have to pay extra every time you require service if you subscribe to our monthly snow removal plan. All visits will be covered at flat monthly rates.

Our service aligns with the city’s bylaws, providing snow shovelling within the advised time frame, i.e., 24 hours of snowfall ending. We’re quick and efficient at their job, so you have an attractive-looking, accessible property even during the harshest snowfall of the season.

Book an estimate now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the snowy season. Green Drop will take all your snow-clearing worries away!

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