Tree Pruning in Regina: Top Reasons To Call an Arborist

Tree Pruning in Regina: 5 Reasons Why You Should Call in an Arborist

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Pruning your trees regularly is key to making sure they stay healthy and beautiful. But did you know that DIY pruning (not to be confused with tree trimming) can actually do more harm than good? Unless you’re experienced, the results could be far worse than just taking too much off the top.

We discuss the main benefits of working with a certified arborist when trimming your trees in Regina (even just the branches!) and how to get in touch with our team of arboriculture experts to book your tree care services.

But first…

Why Should You Prune Your Trees?

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Pruning trees is essential for several reasons, including:

  • Pruning maintains the health of your trees by removing dead, diseased, or decaying branches. This prevents the spread of disease and decay to other parts of the tree.
  • It removes dead or weak branches and reduces the risk of falling limbs, which can cause property damage or injury to people and pets. Proper pruning also eliminates hazards such as low-hanging branches obstructing pathways or driveways.
  • Pruning helps shape the tree's structure by removing crossing or rubbing branches, promoting a strong and well-balanced canopy. This also reduces the risk of branches falling off during storms or heavy winds.
  • Pruning enhances the appearance of your trees by improving their shape, symmetry, and overall aesthetics.
  • Here’s an interesting fact not many people know: pruning can stimulate new growth and encourage the development of new branches.
  • Sometimes, it’s also about space! Pruning helps control the size and spread of trees, preventing them from encroaching on buildings, power lines, or other structures.

When done correctly and at the appropriate times (in the Fall), pruning can significantly benefit trees and contribute to the overall beauty of your space!

Top 7 Reasons to Hire Professional Arborists for Tree Pruning Services

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1. Professional Pruning Helps Prevent Diseases

Tree diseases can be detrimental, and many are challenging to treat once they’re present. In severe cases, trees cannot survive and must be removed to prevent pathogens from spreading to nearby trees. Incorrect pruning, or pruning at the wrong time, can also attract disease-causing insects and microorganisms.

A knowledgeable arborist has an exceptional background in common tree diseases in Regina and how to reduce their spread. During pruning, they properly disinfect tools between cuts to prevent spores, pest larvae, or eggs from being transported from one branch to another, even in the same tree.

2. It Reduces the Risk of Damage to Your Trees

In addition to disease training, certified arborists understand how to prune trees without causing unnecessary damage. They know which tools to use and how to take care of them to create clean, sanitary cuts sealed to keep insects and bacteria out.

When you try to prune your own trees, the chances are much higher that you will accidentally cut too much or in the wrong place. You might not even notice it at first.

For example, a small pruning wound can attract insects that carry pathogens like Dutch Elm Disease or oak wilt. By the time the disease progresses enough to show symptoms, your tree will likely be fully infected. Most homeowners don’t think of connecting the problem with earlier pruning.

When you choose to work with someone certified in arboriculture, you know that any cutting has been determined to be absolutely necessary and will be done as carefully as possible to avoid causing harm to the rest of the tree. This preserves the health and beauty of your trees both now and in the future as your tree continues to grow.

3. Tree Pruning Can Be Dangerous

Working with trees is complex and challenging labour. It’s also dangerous if you don’t have the proper equipment to prevent injuries. Climbing tall trees and using power tools to cut away heavy branches safely requires specialized protective gear and extensive knowledge of how to use it.

Furthermore, tree care experts often encounter challenging conditions, such as operating heavy machinery, working with slippery ice, and working with live power lines.

Trying to prune trees yourself can easily lead to falls, cuts, or other serious harm. Professionals are equipped to handle emergencies and to troubleshoot problems when things go wrong.

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4. An Arborist Saves You Time

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to invest in tree pruning. Working with an arborist frees you up to focus on other things while giving you peace of mind that your trees are well cared for.

Instead of planning what tree care activities to fit into your day off so you don’t get behind, you can spend time doing something else while your arborist is working hard. You don’t have to worry about scheduling upkeep to maintain the health of your trees either – they’ll keep track of that for you and let you know when your trees need services. An arborist makes it easy to enjoy beautiful trees on your property without the problems that come with owning them.

5. They Have the Right Tools for the Job

Not only will hiring an arborist save you from having to make time to do the job yourself, but the professionals have the right equipment to get things done safely and correctly. Without good tools designed for cutting trees, you may struggle to prune the correct branches or put yourself at risk of a fall.

Here are just some of the helpful tools that a qualified arborist will likely have on hand:

  • Climbing ropes
  • Slings and clips
  • Spiked shoes
  • Axes
  • Hatchets
  • Hand saws
  • Chainsaws
  • Pole saws
  • Pruning shears
  • Safety hats and goggles
  • First aid kits
  • Protective clothing and gear

Arborists have extensive knowledge of utilizing their gear to prevent injury and get the job done effectively. Simply put, there’s no replacement for an arboriculture professional when it comes to the health and appearance of trees on your property.

6. They Understand Local Regulations

Arborists are familiar with regulations and ordinances governing tree care and pruning. They make sure that pruning is done in compliance with local laws and guidelines. This helps you avoid potential fines or legal issues.

7. They Have the Training and Knowledge to Answer Your Questions

Certified arborists receive extensive training in the health of all types of trees. When you have questions about your tree health or the process of pruning your trees, our arborist in Regina can provide you with thorough, well-researched answers that you can trust.

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