Why Stump Removal is Best Left to Your Tree Care Professionals - Edmonton Edition

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Left with an unsightly tree stump in your yard after having a tree cut down? Now might be a good time to remove it before your stump can attract pests and diseases that will spread to your other trees.

But is this a job you can do yourself, or is it better to leave something like this to a qualified tree professional? That's a really good question.

Our Edmonton arborists have the answer below. Keep reading to discover the benefits of working with an expert and how Green Drop can take the stress out of keeping your trees beautiful and healthy with our comprehensive tree care services.

Green Drop workers removing a tree stump with heavy machinery

Stump Removal Is A Complex Process

There’s stump grinding, and then there’s stump removal. It’s important to note that these two are very different processes.

Stump removal is a more complex process than stump grinding, requiring a deeper understanding and more specialized equipment (more on that later), which is why enlisting a professional arborist is crucial.

While stump grinding focuses on shredding the visible portion of the stump into mulch, stump removal involves extracting the entire root system from the ground. This can be challenging due to the extensive and sometimes deep root networks that vary depending on the tree species.

Professional arborists possess the expertise to navigate these complexities safely. Their knowledge and skills are essential for effectively eliminating the stump and its roots, preventing potential issues such as new growth, pest infestations, and landscape hazards, which are not typically addressed by stump grinding alone.

We’ve talked more about Stump Removal vs Stump Grinding in our blog here so feel free to give that a read more more clarity.

Certified Arborists Have the Right Equipment

As mentioned earlier, removing a tree stump requires specialized heavy equipment that grinds away the material quickly and efficiently without damaging your surrounding landscape. You may not have access to these tools for the job, and if you did, you’re probably unsure of how to use them.

When your arborist arrives at the job site, they'll have everything to remove your tree stump on hand, including saws, hatchets, and any other helpful tools they may need. Not only is this convenient, it saves you the hassle of having to invest in the tools yourself. Otherwise, you’ll just have a bunch of expensive equipment in your garage or shed collecting rust.

They Know How to Prepare the Area

A quality stump removal job starts with good preparation of the area. First, things like rocks and tree branches need to be cleared away so the grinding equipment can reach the stump without becoming damaged. Then, underground cables also need to be marked to avoid cutting into them. If you don't know exactly where these lines are, you might end up damaging power or gas lines.

Trusting an experienced arborist to do the work comes with the peace of mind that your gas lines, electrical and internet cables will be safe during the entire stump removal process.

They Understand Safety Risks

Working with trees can be highly dangerous and requires strict safety protocols. Depending on the type of job, arborists have to contend with risks like working near live power lines, climbing on slippery surfaces, navigating around broken tree limbs, and handling sharp, heavy equipment.

An experienced tree worker understands these potential hazards and how to mitigate them so you don't have to worry about injuries, roof repairs, or other hassles on top of your stump removal.

You Can Be Sure of a Job Well Done

Trusting your tree work to the professionals means a job well done. ISA-certified arborists undergo extensive training and have proven their skills through a series of assessments designed to test their expertise and knowledge of industry regulations. You can be confident that the recommendations your arborist makes are in the best interest of your trees and formulated for their health, vitality, and longevity.

An ISA-certified arborist offers:

Green Drop worker removing trees with a machine

Fast, Dependable Service

Sometimes, tree stump removal is urgent. A professional can respond quickly to your call and provide you with reliable service without compromising on the thoroughness of the job.

Because certified arborists have extensive training and access to specialized tools, they can finish the work quickly while still adhering to crucial safety and quality standards. Doing it yourself will take significantly more time and likely leave you with a less-than-perfect result.

Value and Convenience

Although the upfront cost of hiring a professional arborist to remove your tree stump seems higher than DIY, it will likely save you more money in the long run.

Because expert stump removal guarantees the complete elimination of leftover tree material, you don't have to worry about potential regrowth. Over time, this saves you more on the cost of constantly having to have new water sprouts trimmed away every spring or summer.

Aesthetically Appealing Results

A reputable arborist has honed their skills over many years through training and on-the-job experience. They have the skill to grade and restore the area post-removal, blending it seamlessly with the existing landscape.

This professional touch prevents unsightly remnants or uneven terrain, which is super common in the many DIY attempts we’ve seen where improper techniques and lack of experience can lead to incomplete removal, soil erosion, and a patchy appearance.

By choosing a professional arborist, you ensure a clean, level, and visually pleasing yard, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your property.

Material Cleanup

When your arborist is finished removing your tree roots from the ground, the remaining tree material will be gathered and either processed for mulch or properly disposed of. The last thing you want is a huge pile of wood chips hanging out in your backyard for pests, fungus, and nuisance wildlife to nest in.

Questions to Ask Your Tree Stump Removal Expert

Are you licensed and insured?

You should always make sure any tree company you work with has the appropriate licensing, work permits, and insurance in case anything goes wrong. The best results come from contractors with robust industry certifications who are happy to answer your questions and show you their credentials.

How much space do you need for your equipment?

Knowing ahead of time how large the arborist’s equipment is can help you better prepare your area for their arrival. Depending on the size and layout of your yard, you may need to move patio furniture, play sets, container gardens, and other items that are likely to be in the way.

How long will the job take to complete?

It’s also wise to have an idea of how long your arborist plans to be there so you can adjust your schedule accordingly. While a professional can certainly remove a tree stump from your yard without you being at home, it’s always better to be available in case your service provider has any questions. You can also take this golden opportunity to ask what’s next and what you can expect.

Tree removal by Green Drop using heavy machinery

Got a Pesky Tree Stump? Let Us Get Rid of It For You

Do you have an unwanted tree stump that’s detracting from the beauty and value of your property? Green Drop’s team of arborists can quickly and completely remove it, so you never have to worry about it again.

With extensive preparation of the area before your service and superior attention to detail, you can be confident that your property will be protected from damage and left clean and ready for the next step. Instead of worrying about how or when to remove your tree stump, you can leave the dirty work to us!

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Customers also love that our stump and tree removal services include a comprehensive assessment of their entire yard and a personalized care plan designed to maintain the beauty and health of their landscaping.

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