Everything You Need to Know About Our Lawn Fertilizer Service in Alberta

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Welcome to the green side of life, where lush lawns are not just a dream but a reality. Professional lawn care is crucial in Alberta, where the climate and soil can pose unique challenges for your lawn.

That's where we step in, offering a lawn fertilizer service that does more than just feed your lawn. Let's look at what our lawn fertilizer service brings to the table.

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Green Drop’s Lawn Fertilizer Service

What Makes Green Drop Special?

When it comes to giving your lawn a little "TLC" (Turf Loving Care), Green Drop is the MVP in the lawn care playbook. What sets us apart?

For starters, our fertilizer blends are made by us, for us! We know exactly the right balance of nutrients that a lawn needs throughout the entire growing season. Combine that with specially formulated applications like our SoilBooster™ application, a superfood smoothie for your soil packed with over 70 essential minerals and nutrients. It's the secret sauce that helps Alberta's lawns withstand what Mother Nature throws their way.

On top of that, our team of GreenKeepers isn’t just lawn care professionals; they're grass whisperers. They’re trained in the art and science of bringing out the best in your turf. With our GreenKeeper in your corner, your lawn doesn't just grow; it glows. We love what we do, and it shows!

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Our Services at a Glance

Green Drop offers a trifecta of treatment packages designed to suit every lawn's needs and budget.

Beautiful Basics

This is our entry-level package, but there's nothing basic about it. It includes our season-long fertilizer treatment and unlimited weed control service, ensuring your lawn stays healthy and lush all year round.

Beautiful Basics Plus

Ready to kick things up a notch? This package adds our SoilBooster™ application to the mix, turbocharging your lawn's nutrient absorption.

Beautiful Premium

For those who accept nothing but the best, the Beautiful Premium package is the lawn equivalent of rolling out the green carpet. It includes everything in the Basics Plus package, plus aeration and overseeding services. This is the VIP treatment your lawn deserves.

The Science Behind Our Service

At Green Drop, we're all about the science. Our services are designed around the latest advancements in plant nutrient science, ensuring that every treatment is as effective as it’s environmentally friendly.

Our custom blends are not just guesswork. They result from meticulous research and development tailored to Alberta lawns' specific needs. In short, when we feed your lawn, we're feeding it right.

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Why Choose Green Drop’s Lawn Fertilization Services in Alberta?

Better Nutrient Absorption and Replenishment

In Alberta's unique climate, where one day can be as unpredictable as the weather forecast, your lawn requires a just as adaptable diet. With products like SoilBooster™, we ensure your green spaces are not just eating but feasting, absorbing, and replenishing nutrients more efficiently than ever before.

Increased Yard Growth and Enhanced Aesthetics

Let's face it: In the great outdoor theatre that’s your yard, your turf is the star of the show. With fertilization, yes, your lawn will grow. But with Green Drop, it delivers a performance worthy of a standing ovation.

Our services in Alberta are designed to boost your yard's growth so that it adds to your home's curb appeal.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Applications

Being green is more than just the colour of your lawn—it's a commitment to our planet. That's why our applications go beyond mere effectiveness. They're also eco-friendly and efficient.

Green Drop’s approach means you can rest easy knowing your lawn care routine minimizes its carbon footprint while maximizing results. We use state-of-the-art equipment and science-backed methods to ensure every drop of our treatments counts, protecting your patch of Earth as if it were our own.

How SoilBooster™ Transforms Your Lawn

As mentioned, it delivers 70 essential minerals and nutrients directly to your soil, elevating your lawn’s health and resilience. This transformation goes beyond superficial greenery. The treatment works so that the lawn’s roots absorb nutrients efficiently, setting the stage for sustained growth.

Here’s a before and after shot of our lawn care services.

Before After Aeration

Now, keep in mind these results will take time to happen, but wow, what a transformation! With the right level of expertise, a little love, and just the right ingredients, Green Drop can help bring your lawn back to life.

8 Signs Your Lawn Needs Fertilization

  1. Dull, Faded, or Yellow Grass. If your lawn lacks vibrant green colour and appears dull or yellowish, it could be a sign of nutrient deficiency, indicating the need for fertilization.
  2. Sparse or Patchy Growth. Areas of thin grass or bare patches indicate poor soil health. Fertilization can help by providing essential nutrients for denser, more uniform growth.
  3. Weed Overgrowth. An increase in weeds means your lawn is unhealthy enough to compete. Proper fertilization strengthens grass, helping it fight off weed invasions.
  4. Slow Recovery from Stress. If your lawn recovers slowly from foot traffic, mowing, or harsh weather, it might lack the necessary nutrients to bounce back quickly.
  5. Poor Root Development. Weak or shallow root systems can leave grass susceptible to drought and disease. Fertilization encourages deeper, stronger roots.
  6. Increased Disease or Pest Problems. A nutrient-deficient lawn is more vulnerable to diseases and pests. Fertilization can boost the lawn's natural defences.
  7. High Thatch Build-up. Excessive thatch can suffocate your lawn. While aeration is a primary treatment, proper fertilization supports healthy decomposition and nutrient absorption.
  8. Frequent Watering Needs. If your lawn requires more water than usual to stay green, it might benefit from fertilization to improve water retention and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lawn Fertilization Service

1. What makes Green Drop’s fertilizer service different?

We go out of our way to ensure a scientifically backed approach tailored to your lawn's specific conditions and Alberta's climate.

2. How often should my lawn be treated with SoilBooster™?

Seasonal applications are recommended to maintain optimal health. However, we recommend customizing your treatment frequency based on your lawn's needs. If you’re looking to give your lawn a boost in the spring & fall, it will only aid in improving the overall health.

3. Is the fertilizer safe for pets and children?

Yes, our fertilizers, including SoilBooster™, are formulated to be safe for both pets and children.

4. Can I expect improved drought and pest resistance?

Definitely. Our treatments enhance nutrient absorption and soil health, bolstering your lawn's resilience against drought and reducing pest appeal.

5. How do I get in touch with you?

Starting is simple: book our services here or contact us to schedule a consultation. We'll assess your lawn and suggest a customized care plan.

6. How does Alberta’s climate affect my lawn care needs?

Alberta's climate necessitates adaptable lawn care strategies. Our services are specifically designed to address seasonal challenges, ensuring year-round lawn vitality.

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Green Up Your Scene With Five-Star Lawn Fertilization Service

Be it lacklustre growth, uneven greenness, or an unwelcome crunch underfoot, if you’ve noticed any unwelcome signs that your lawn is unhealthy—it's time to let Green Drop help. Our specialized lawn fertilizer services, backed by the science of growth and the art of care, are just what your green space needs to bounce back stronger and more resilient.

Serving the communities of Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer, we're here to ensure you can enjoy the lush green lawn you deserve.

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