10 Beautiful & Fast-Growing Trees to Plant in Your Winnipeg Yard

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Itching to spruce up your yard with fast-growing trees that can endure Winnipeg’s weather and elevate your curb appeal at the same time? We’ve got you!

Winnipeg’s climate demands hardy and resilient trees that can offer ample shade on sunny days and flourish in the face of chilly winds.

While you can grow many low-maintenance trees in your yard, consider your soil type, yard size, tree requirements, and personal preference when choosing a tree.

Beautiful Tree
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10 Fast-Growing Trees to Plant in Your Winnipeg Yard

Here are 10 of the most striking and fast-growing trees you can plant in your yard:

1. Laurel Leaf Willow

Introducing the Laurel Leaf Willow – a resilient tree that’s no stranger to Winnipeg’s chilly winters. This cold-hardy tree has a rounded shape and captivating dark green leaves that thrive each summer.

The Laurel Leaf Willow prefers moist to wet soil and basks in full sunlight. You can also plant this tree if your yard is shaded and has saline soil. With abundant pollen and nectar early in the growing season, this Willow will bring various bird species to your yard.

2. Oak Tree

Oak Tree
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The Oak Tree boasts various cherished varieties, including White Oak, English, Bur, and Northern.

As one of Winnipeg's iconic trees, Bur Oak Trees can reach heights up to 24 meters (80ft) when mature. Don't plant them right next to your house because they have robust underground roots and potentially large branches.

Thriving in well-drained soils and extreme temperatures, the Oak Tree requires minimal care and adapts effortlessly to different conditions, turning your yard into a shaded sanctuary. With gorgeous hues of vibrant red, orange, and brown, the foliage of a robust Oak Tree is a sight to behold in autumn!

However, young Oak Trees are susceptible to sawflies, caterpillars, oak worms, and diseases like hypoxylon and chlorosis. Our arborists’ tailored tree maintenance can keep these pests and diseases at bay.

3. Hot Wings Tatarian Maple

Introducing Hot Wings Tatarian Maple, a stunning addition to compact landscapes, boasting blazing red seeds in late summer and fiery autumn hues.

Thriving in drought and alkaline conditions, it surpasses the Amur maple in resilience. With an upright spread, it integrates seamlessly into any garden. This deciduous tree requires minimal maintenance and is best pruned in the summer to prevent sap bleeding. It also features cherry red samaras in the late summer, so watch out for that!

4. Purple Lilac

The Common Purple Lilac, originally from Europe, is a non-native garden shrub now thriving in Canadian landscapes. It can reach heights of up to 4 meters and spread to about 7 meters wide.

Its smooth, heart-shaped leaves typically appear before the flowers bloom in May and June. The small fragrant blossoms in clusters 10-20 centimetres long vary in colour depending on the lilac variety.

If you want your Purple Lilac to thrive, go for pale to medium purple flower buds and plant the tree at least 10 meters from your house.

5. Golden Willow

The Golden Willow, an attractive accent tree, will thrive in moist or wet areas of your yard. It flourishes best in full sunlight and is remarkably adaptable.

In ideal growing conditions, a Golden Willow can reach 21.3 meters. This fast-growing tree is visually appealing year-round with its glossy narrow leaves that develop a striking gold hue in autumn and furrowed brown bark and eye-catching gold branches that shine through the winter.

Popular as an ornamental tree, windbreaker, and shelterbelt, the Golden Willow will beautify your yard and attract various birds with its buds and abundant pollen and nectar during spring.

6. Japanese Lilac Tree

Japanese Lilac
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If you have a small yard, a Japanese Lilac Tree is the ideal accent tree you can grow to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

With varieties like Ivory Silk, Ivory Pillar, and Golden Eclipse, this tree perfectly complements different bushes, shrubs, and flowers and requires minimal maintenance.

It doesn't produce suckers, rarely needs pruning, and is resistant to both insect infestations and diseases. It also has low water requirements.

Japanese Lilac Trees thrive in full sunlight. If you plant them in a shaded area, it will hinder their growth. Keep the soil loose and well-drained for excellent growth. If you want to plant this tree in a small or oddly-shaped yard, our tree specialist can help you with maintenance and pruning, helping your Japanese Lilac thrive.

7. Crabapple Tree

Crabapple Trees boast the title of a great cross-pollinator with the ability to boost fruit yield in apple, cherry, and pear trees. They have a variety, including Harvest Gold, Sugar Tyme, and Snowdrift.

These trees are easy to grow and adaptable as they thrive in various conditions. You can plant them in any soil and under full sunlight or shade.

Be prepared for your Crabapple Tree to steal the show with its breathtaking blooms in vibrant shades of red, white, and pink throughout spring. But protect your old Crabapple Trees from insects and pests targeting the aging trees.

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8. Paper Birch

Also called white birch or canoe birch, this tree is the king of the northern birches, native to northern North America. It’s a deciduous tree with an oval form. Wonder where it got its name? It’s because of the super thin white bark that peels off in a paper-like form from the trunk.

Paper Birch will grow approximately 60 feet when completely mature, with a 35 feet spread. Do not plant this tree near power lines. It’s pretty low-maintenance and is best pruned in summer after its leaves have fully grown.

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9. White Spruce

Meet the White Spruce, the hardiest of landscape spruces. This tall, stately beauty flaunts bluish-green needles and thrives in all soils except ones that are always wet. Perfect for adding vertical drama to spacious yards or creating a wind-blocking shield. Its pyramid-like growth habit is a standout feature, complemented by bluish-green foliage that stays vibrant all year. The smooth gray bark adds a touch of elegance to any landscape.

Low maintenance and adaptable, this tree requires minimal pruning—just trim off new growth each season. Growing up to 60 feet tall with a spread of 20 feet, it's best planted in full sunlight and can handle dry or moist conditions.

10. Okanese Poplar

The Okanese Poplar is recognized for its robustness and rapid growth. This hybrid poplar is resistant to diseases, drought, and cold.

Known for its adaptability to various soil types and tolerance to cold temperatures, the Okanese Poplar can thrive in well-drained clay and loamy soils in Winnipeg. Since Okanese Poplars can quickly reach significant heights, you’ll need adequate space in the yard to accommodate their mature size without interference with nearby structures. Okanese Poplar trees are usually susceptible to aphid attacks, so you might want to keep an eye out for that.

Considerations When Choosing a Tree for Your Winnipeg Yard

Hardiness zones. Winnipeg is in hardiness zones 3a and 4a. What does that mean? You need trees that won't give up in the face of cold!

What’s in a soil type? Turns out, quite a lot. Your yard’s soil makes the foundation for your tree to thrive. Whether you have sandy, clay, or silty soil, match it with the right tree and offer the light, wind, and moisture for a green yard.

Use your space smartly. Just like you need your space, your trees also deserve some breathing room. Consider your yard’s size and choose species and varieties that can stretch out and thrive together in your yard.

Design your dream landscape. Let your garden reflect your personality. Do you want radiant foliage colour, a touch of drama, or a wildlife haven? Consider if you want shade, privacy, or both before choosing your tree.

Know your tree. Don’t shy away from truly knowing your green companions — their needs, quirks, and preferences. From leafy habits to fruiting times, you must understand what your tree needs. Trust us, a little TLC goes a long way in keeping pesky pests and diseases at bay.

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