Service Details | Green Drop

Below are more details about each of the services currently offered through our locations.

If you have more questions about these services, Contact Us for more information.

Aeration Cores of soil are removed from your lawn and left on the surface; promoting new growth, increasing root development and reducing soil compaction which improves fertilizer and water uptake & improving nutrient exchange. **REMEMBER** if you have a sprinkler system be sure to mark all the heads.
Aeration & Overseeding Increases root development and relieves soil compaction which improves fertilizer and water uptake. A custom blended seed mix, that will assist in recovery and filling in of thin areas. **REMEMBER** if you have a sprinkler system be sure to mark all the heads.
Kick Start Custom fertilizer which promotes vigorous growth & root development. Weed control (as needed).
Intensifier Plus Custom fertilizer which promotes foliage growth & accelerates the maturity of the grass plant. Weed control (as needed)
Rejuvenator Custom fertilizer which aids in the recovery from summer stresses. Weed control (as needed).
Invigorator Custom fertilizer which provides the necessary nutrients needed to strengthen turf in preparation for the dormant season ahead. Weed control (as needed).
SoilBooster A source of over 70 minerals & nutrients designed specifically to improve the quality of your soil so grass will grow faster, stronger and healthier.
ClearPath 1-3 Vegetation control for all non-turf areas keeping your driveway, walkways free from unwanted vegetation all season long.
Vegetation Control 1-3 Non-Selective herbicide for total control of all vegetation growing in a specific area.
Thistle Control Targeted broad-leaf control for specific areas.