Reusable Flag Program

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Lawn Sign on Grass Green Drop

What is our “Reusable Flag Program”?

The Reusable Flag Program is one small way we are doing our part to keep our environment healthy and beautiful! Our flags are made of coroplast (which is recyclable) with a 100% compostable bamboo stick.

To ensure we are not wasteful, we encourage our subscribers to follow our Reusable Flag Program- it's easy:

  1. GreenKeeper visits your home for the first application of the season and will place your flag on your front lawn to signal that your yard has been serviced. Please allow the grass to dry before going on it (usually within a few hours)
  2. Once grass has dried, take your flag and place it in your flowerbed, potted plants or anywhere close to the house.
  3. When it is time for your next application, your GreenKeeper will simply move your lawn sign back to the front of your lawn to signal service has taken place.
  4. Repeat throughout season!

We encourage our subscribers to reuse their flag the following year or to recycle your flag and compost your stick. If you require a new flag at any time, your GreenKeeper will happily provide one. Thanks for doing your part to help keep it beautiful outside!