ClearPath Vegetation Control

Our GreenKeepers work hard all year to keep weeds from popping up in your lawn, and now we have added a new service to our Beautiful Basics Plus and Beautiful Premium packages to control the weeds and other undesirable foliage that decide to pop up in other areas of your property. Our ClearPath vegetation control service will keep your walkways, driveways, and alleyways free of grass, weeds, and other vegetation all season long.

You can add ClearPath to any of our Beautiful Packages. When you add ClearPath to a package you will receive two RoundUp treatments; one around early June and another around mid-July. These treatments will guarantee that grass and other vegetation only grows where you want it to, and that weeds don't grow anywhere.

Visit our packages page to learn more about the available packages, and book online today!

* ClearPath service is not intended to be used in gardens or flowerbeds and is now available in select cities. Check the package page for your city or contact us for full details.

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